How to Get Into UP Even If You’ve Failed the UPCAT

The results of the UP College Admissions Test are out. I would expect about 55,000 students to receive rejections letters soon. Some of these flunkers will go into bouts of crying (or cursing). Some will keep silent but then suffer weeks of sleepless nights. Some will say, I don’t care, and mean it. And then, there are those people who would start research on how to enter UP anyway. I did not enter UP through an alternate route, but I know a lot of people who did. Most of them have already graduated from UP, and some are doing quite well. I’ve heard that UP these days will even inform students that they may ask for reconsideration. But that’s just one of several ways to enter UP even when your application has already been rejected.

Applying for Reconsideration

This will take a lot of leg work, but many students get in through this route. If your predicted grade (combined UPCAT score and high school grades) is not that low, this can be the way to get in. Check out your UPG (University Predicted Grade) rating. Then see if it is equal to or higher than the minimum they require for reconsideration. Here are the scores you need. (Check with the UP Office of Admission if they have updated this. Figures are for 2008.)

UP Campus Standard Cut-off Cut-off for Reconsideration





















UP Los Banos



*Note that cut-offs change yearly (the figures above were for applicants admitted 2009, as I recall). Right now UP Diliman does not accept applicants for reconsideration. These things can change, and as students may read this for years to come, I suggest that diligent readers contact UP for the most recent figures. e-mail:

Let us say you got a score of 2.6. There is no way they will still consider you in UP Diliman or UP Manila. But you should still be considered for UP’s Baguio or Los Baños campus.  You will have to check though which courses still have available slots. (If they do not have the course you want, you can still get in through a different course. After a year, you may be able to transfer to the course of your choice if you’ve obtained good grades. Most of the subjects you will take during your first year are common to all courses, so they will still be credited to the course you want to transfer into.) You may need to go to the UP campus several times.

There are those who say this method requires “kapal ng mukha” (thick face), but hey, do you want to get into UP or not? Also, you need to remember that there is no guarantee that your petition for reconsideration will be accepted. This time, you are fighting with other students who also got rejected for slots, and these other students may be even better qualified than you. Normally though, there are many slots available.

Enrolling in a Different University and Transferring to UP

This route requires that you get excellent grades in another college or university. You need to finish at least 33 units in another university with a weighted average of at least 2.0 (or its equivalent) before applying for transfer.

The Dean of the College you are applying to will set up the quota (the number of people that will be accepted). Applicants will be ranked based on their general weighted average. For this reason, a 2.0 is not really good enough. There are many applicants who want to transfer to UP, so you should aim to get grades that would put you in the Dean’s List. Also, there is a risk that not all the units you obtained from the other university will be credited to the course you’re transferring into.

Talent Determination Test

If you can draw, paint, or sculpt, you can still to the UP College of Fine Arts. If you can play an instrument well, or you can sing, then there is the College of Music. Both the College of Fine Arts and the College of Music give a Talent Determination Test (TDT).  As I understand, the application for entrance to the UP College of Fine Arts is from January to March, right after the UPCAT results come in, though the TDT is actually held in summer (April). You still have time to prepare. The same rules apply if you want to change to another course in UP later on.

So you see, failing the UPCAT does not really mean kissing your dreams of studying in UP goodbye. It just requires a lot more effort to get in if you do not do it through the normal route.



Telephone: (632) 981-8500 locals 3827,3831,3828



































 Due to limited resources some programs are closed to transfer students. Those interested in taking any of the following courses may apply for some other related programs. If, after one year, their academic performance warrants it, they may apply for shifting into these programs.


BS COMMUNITY NUTRITION BS INTERIOR DESIGN (closed to undergraduate applicants)



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488 Responses to How to Get Into UP Even If You’ve Failed the UPCAT

  1. kennedy says:

    hi i’m kennedy i just wanted to ask if Theatre Arts and Varsity is part of the UP Talent Determination Test ?

    • prx777 says:

      Varsity players and Filipiniana dancer come in through the Varsity Athletic Admission Scholarship (VAAS)administered by the College of Human Kinetics in UP Diliman. If you took the UPCAT, and your UPG is at least 2.8, then you can qualify. (Those who did not take the UPCAT must have obtained a grade of 85% in High School.) You can ask the coach for the particular discipline (basketball, chess, judo, swimming) about the schedule of tryouts. Beware though. Varsity players need to train 3 to 4 hours a day, 3-5 days a week. That’s tough, even for former Palarong Pambansa medal winners. I don’t know know the application process for Theater Arts.

      • sophia says:

        when i was in High school i was able to take the UPCAT, and unfortunately a letter coming from UP told me that i failed, but the letter also told me how to transfer in up after going to another college.. so then i went to PWU and now i finished my first year there (BS Pharma)..

        after i saw my academic grades in PWU i decided to transfer in UP.. but unfortunately i lost the UPCAT letter.. now, i just want to ask if the letter is a requirement to justify that you have taken up the UPCAT.. or is there a website about the scores of those who failed in the UPCAT ??

        tnx:) have a great day :))

      • prx777 says:

        Hi Sophia,

        The letter is not a requirement.

  2. kennedy says:

    i really want to study in UP ..

    • marshan says:

      hi po… i am currently a pharmacy student in a public university.. gusto ko po sanang mag aral sa upd but then, i want to take up bs bio.. paano po kaya yun? ma ki credit po ba yung mga subjects ko? or babalik ako sa pagka first year? sayang naman po.

      • prx777 says:

        Check mo sa lilipatan, but likely kukuha ka ng validation exam para matiyak ng UP na natuto ka talaga sa mga nakuha mong units sa ibang school. Kung papasa ka, then credited.

  3. Reya Missiona says:

    Hello! please guide me here.
    I am planning to study another course, but i already finished 3 years of non-bachelor degree from a technological school in Ortigas (Tool & Die technology in Meralco Foundation Institute). Tool & Die is like a branch of mechanical Engineering.

    Late this year, i want to re-take the UPCAT so i can enrol in UP Diliman for 2012-1st sem, but i found out that you can only take the UPCAT once.

    Im planning to take a course about (1)languages or literature-lalo na ung European Languages sana, ithough i know it’s offered as a bachelor course; (2) creative writing; (3) or education sna..

    please tell me how i can be allowed to study in UP Diliman.. thanks!

    • prx777 says:

      Hi Reya,

      It’s better if you contact the college you want to apply to.
      Please also consider UP’s general requirement for transfer (Look in:
      1. he can present at least 33 academic units with a general weighted average of 2.0 or better for all the collegiate academic units he has taken outside the University; (that’s at least a grade point average of 85%)
      2. he will have to complete in the University not less than 50 percent of the units required for his program; and
      3. the quota set by the Dean of the college concerned has not been filled up.
      Also, generally, every new transfer applicant is required to submit the following at least one month prior to registration:
      1. an official copy of grades or transcript of records from each college attended for evaluation, regardless of his intentions to validate his advanced credits;
      2. an accomplished application form
      3. two passport-size photographs;
      4. and a non-refundable application fee
      Check with the college if their deadline is earlier, if their college admits transfers, and the credentials of those who get accepted.
      Other requirements may be asked once you get accepted, like, for example, a certificate of honorable dismissal.



      • Reya says:

        Hello, Dennis! Thanks for the prompt reply! =P
        I already completed/ finished my course from Meralco Foundation Institute.
        So im not so sure if it can be called a “transfer.” It’s more like i’m studying college again.. my sister who is from UP Manila, said i can ask if my GE subjects will be credited in UP. But, since my school and my course is not exactly a 4-year course, it’s more of a 3-year in school training and 1-year OJT, but our diploma & recognition came from TESDA and not really PRC or something like that.

        So bottom line, i’m not sure if that is called a transfer or not. Thank you so much for this info, i still have 6 months to spend on thinking before i have to make up my mind. Thank you so much for this info!

  4. paul says:

    hi good day! i am an freshmen IE student from other colleges, i wanted to transfer UP and also take the same course and besides i’m fond of dancing and sportsminded i want to join theatre and varsity.. i failed to pass the UPCAT exam but i have good grades on my present school. what i should i do? thanks

    • prx777 says:

      If you want to take IE in UP, joining the varsity is not for you. The courses in the College of Human Kinetics have titles like BS Physical Education, Bachelor of Sports Science, etc.
      I suggest that you get the best grades you can during your first year, then apply for transfer to the UP College of Engineering.
      If you have good grades, e.g. 85% or higher, then you may be accepted.
      Also varsity programs can leave you too tired to study. Studying in UP requires serious hours of study every week.

  5. oloap17 says:

    hi good day!
    I am an IE student from other college school. I wanted to study in UP and take the same course. I am fond of dancing and sports, I want to join also UP theater club and varsity. honestly, i failed to pass the UPCAT exam. but i have a good grade in my present school. what should i do?


  6. oloap17 says:

    Thank you so much sir. i will take it.

  7. patrick says:

    my upg is 2.5. and i want to apply for recon in uplb. i want to apply in chem. eng. which is my first choice of course. is that possible?

    • prx777 says:

      I think that’s possible. Was your math score in the UPCAT high- 98 or 99th percentile maybe? If you only failed because of your poor English skills, I think you have a case. Survival in the college of engineering rests primarily on math skills. It is a lot harder to get into an engineering course through recon though. Economics and Biology would be easier courses to get into, but what work will you get with those degrees you after graduation? I must warn you though that job opportunities for Chemical Engineers are also not that promising, especially considering that with the Board Exam review considered, you are looking at 6 years of intense study. Information technology, industrial engineering (no board exam) etc. are just some of the courses that look to provide better opportunities/ rewards for the mathematically inclined. You can check for the kind of job opportunities currently available in the job market.

  8. sheree says:

    my university predicted grade is 2.879 and the required upg for los banos is 2.8.. will i be able to be reconsidered in up los banos?

  9. o_0.paul says:

    is BS IE really closed to transfer students?

    • prx777 says:

      Yes, transfer to BS Industrial Engineering is not allowed.

      Transfer to all the courses below is currently not allowed:
      BS Chemical Engineering
      BS Community Nutrition
      BS Family Life & Child Dev’t
      BS Food Technology
      BS Hotel, Restaurant & Institution Management
      BS Interior Design (open to degree holders only)
      BS Industrial Engineering

      Transfer to other quota courses is allowed– but difficult. Of course, if you get really good grades . . .

  10. Jessa Batuigas says:

    hello po!:) my campus choices are UPD and UPM. i did not qualify in both campus, but my UPG is 2.398, and my scores in all subjects are greater than 80. Do you think i still have the chance na mareconsider sa UPLB though it is not included in my chosen campus? please po tulungan ninyo po ako maenlightened. nalilito po kasi ako, and im really willing to exert all my efforts just to get in to UP. kaya lang po, wala ako mapagtanungan masyado. it would be a greaaaaat help if you can answer my question. thank you so much po!:) god bless!:)

    • prx777 says:

      Yes. I believe you can be considered. Why not try to apply for reconsideration to UP Manila as well? Aren’t steps for applying for consideration included in the letter sent to you by UP? Watch out for the deadlines.

      • JM says:

        thank you so much!😀 yep, tried it already😀 and nope. guidelines for recon are not included in the letter. it just says there how to be a transfer student after having good grades from another college. thanks a lot again!😀

      • prx777 says:

        Wow. They must not really encourage applications for recon. . . unless maybe you’re the kid of a UP faculty member. (At the very least, the kid will know how to apply.) Words like “there will be very little chance of getting in” should not dissuade you. Of course, I’ve heard preferences like that for recon applicants to UP Manila. But the less competition there is, the better for the sons and daughters of UP faculty and staff who are also applying. I don’t remember any recon during my time. The next highest scorers were automatically wait-listed (considered priority if slots become available) before. But even then, I heard rumors that extra slots were being reserved by some influential insiders for some favored people. They should have more transparency in the recon process.

  11. asdfg says:

    hi i just want to know if there’s a talent test for theatre arts.

    • prx777 says:

      If you want to take BA Theatre Arts, you need to pass the UPCAT to be able to enroll. If you want to take a Certificate in Theater Arts (CTA, 2 years) under the DSCTA, you will need to pass the audition/workshop given by the department. The same is true for the Sertipiko sa Malikhaing Pagsulat sa Filipino (SMPF, 2 years) under the DFPL.

  12. PEYUPS says:

    My UPG is 2.596 and my chosen campuses are UPD and UPM but I failed to meet the cut – off of those campuses. Do you think I have a chance to be reconsidered in UPLB knowing that I did not choose it as one of my campuses?

    • prx777 says:

      Yes, I think so. Contact UP LB. Ask them if reconsideration is still open. I believe the process depends on the course you want to take.

    • JM says:

      hey! i went to UPLB last last week, had the same dilemma as yours and they said to me that i can still apply for recon, but then there will be a very little chance of getting in. sabi nya kase ayoko daw sa LB kaya di ko nilagay sa campus ko. kahit 2.3 ang upg ko, medyo malabo daw.😦 and chosen campus is always one of the minimum requirements for recon.but i suggest u still visit LB for clarifications. no harm in trying.:)

      • PEYUPS says:

        thank you so much for the information. gusto ko sana LB muna tapos transfer sa UP Manila pero it seems that my dream is not likely to happen this time. Anyway, nakapasa naman ako sa UST nursing. =) pero mas gusto ko sana kung UP manila. =(

  13. RP says:

    .i already filed my application for reconsideration in UPLB. I would like to ask if i have a great chance of passing considering that my upcat scores were as follows:
    UPG:2. 554
    My chosen courses were Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and BS Nutrition

  14. RP says:

    I’ve already filed my application for reconsideration in uplb. I would like to ask if I have a great chance of qualifying considering that my upcat scores are as follows:
    Language percentile……79
    Reading percentile………98
    Math percentile…………..67
    Science percentile……….82
    My chosen courses are Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at BS Nutrition..

    • prx777 says:

      Sorry, I am not in a position to answer this question. I don’t even know the scores of the other applicants for reconsideration.
      Good luck!

  15. rocco says:

    im planning to transfer in upd fine arts visual comm or chk physical education… Whats the grade requirement? what are the requirements? im a transferee from other university… thank you so much.

    • prx777 says:

      You can contact them online through:


      College of Fine Arts

      University of the Philippines
      Bartlett Hall, Emilio Jacinto Street
      Diliman, 1101 Quezon City

      +63 (2) 981.8500 Local 3977
      +63 (2) 981.8732

      Telefax: +63 (2) 920.9910

      Email us: info [at]

      Make an online inquiry

  16. haia says:

    hi ! just wanna ask if i i can transfer to upd or uplb with a GWA of 1.79, (1 academic year) but my problem is that i only finished 30 units , is there any way to transfer ?
    is there no college that requires only 30 units??
    thank you!

    • prx777 says:

      Based on UP’s rules, you do not have enough units yet. You can inquire directly to the UP colleges, but I don’t know if you can find one that will accept you. I am not an expert on UP. I just studied there (once upon a time).

  17. larss says:

    Hello!Just wanna ask, I passed UP Baguio but then I want to transfer to UPLB, based on the table above, UP Baguio has a higher UPG than UPLB, isn’t that mean I’m already qualified to UPLB?

    • prx777 says:

      Not necessarily. I assume that UPLB was not your first or second choice campus. You will still have to apply.
      You may be accepted, depending on the slot availability, plus your UPCAT score (and interview results if applicable).

      It is of course quite likely that others who have a lower score have already been accepted in UPLB– but that was because they considered it as their first or second choice campus. Since you did not, UPLB has the right to reject your request. They may have already filled up their slots for the course you want, for example.

      You can approach the specific college in UPLB you want to transfer to for details.

    • Juan Alsonso says:

      these are the UPG cut-offs:

      U.P. Diliman: 2.2 (only for the UPCAT; reconsideration is not applicable)
      U.P. Manila: 2.285 – 2.5
      U.P. Baguio: 2.659 – 2.574
      U.P. Tacloban: 2.7 – 2.7
      U.P. Cebu: 2.7 – 2.7
      U.P. Iloilo: 2.7 – 2.7
      U.P. Mindanao: 2.75 – 2.75
      U.P. Los Banos: 2.42 – 2.8

      UPLB’s entry cutoff is 2.42, for recon, it’s 2.800 (provided you chose UPLB as a choice).

  18. sherwin says:

    Hi! good day po.
    Tanong ko lang po kung puwede ba mag-shift sa chemical engineering after ko matapos 1st yr. mechanical engineering/bs applied science ko sa ibang university?tsaka puwede po ba kahit mga 28-30 academic units lang?

    • prx777 says:

      Hi Sherwin,

      The last time I checked, chemical engineering was not open to transfer students. Saka kulang and 30 units kung gusto mong lumipat ng UP.
      I am assuming that you want to transfer to UP Diliman, right? You will need at least 33 units.



  19. jan12 says:

    i passed the upcat but i didnt pass my first choice campus which is upd. i passed my second choice campus which is uplb as a chE student. i am planning to transfer to upd and take chE. is it possible to transfer to upd and take chE when your from another up camps?
    need help here!
    please leave a reply!

  20. FT says:

    pwede bang lumipat sa upd at mag take ng ChE pag galing ka sa ibang UP school?

  21. Vincent says:

    Good Day Sir!
    I’m Vincent from UPLB, BSCS. I’m applying for transfer to UPD BSCS but I was DENIED. Is it possible for me to reconsidered even in different course inside the College of Engineering,

  22. Vincent says:

    Good Day Sir!
    I’m Vincent from UPLB, BSCS. I’m applying for transfer to UPD BSCS but I was DENIED. Is it possible for me to reconsidered even in different course inside the College of Engineering?

    Any help will be appreciated:)

    • prx777 says:

      Hi Vincent,

      If you want to be considered for other courses in the UP College of Engineering, then I think you should apply for entry to those courses first.
      I don’t think your application for transfer to UPD’s Comp Sci would apply to other courses.

      Having said that, please note that I am not in any way connected to UP right now except as a member of the UP Alumni Association (I paid for Lifetime Membership).



  23. sab says:

    Hi! tanong ko lang po kung may test or exam po kung nag-aapply for transfer sa Civil Eng’g? I’m worried wala pang nag-tetext saken. my GWA is 1.35. . . Thanks!

    • prx777 says:

      I don’t know if they have an exam. I don’t really think they do.
      Why don’t you try calling them?
      Your grade point average should be good enough.

    • mark joseph says:

      hi. if given a chance that you read my post nagkaroon pa po ba ng interview or exam noong nagapply kayo for transfer sa CE? or bigla na lang silang nagtext sa inyo that your qualified? i’m transfering po kasi ako ngayon and napaparanoid na ko. salamat! and is a GWA of 1.57 enough? I applied for ME

      • prx777 says:

        Transfer from another course also in UP? Mataas ang 1.57, para sa akin. Pero opinyon ko lang ‘yan.
        Kasi, hindi ako nag-apply for transfer to CE or any other course. First choice ko Chemical Engineering. Natanggap ako at iyon din ang kursong tinapos ko. Kaya sa totoo lang wala talaga akong experience diyan sa transfer process. May dalawa akong kapatid na natanggap din sa UP– hindi transfer. Isa Nursing, at isa Economics. Pero may mga nakilala ako na bumagsak sa UPCAT pero nakalipat — 2 pinsan, isang roommate, saka maraming kaeskwela. Saka nakapag-bigay na ako dati ng mga UPCAT review. Sa kasamaang palad, marami pa din sa kanila ang bumagsak. Kaya naisipan kong magsulat sa blog ng paraan para makapasok ang mga bumagsak, o hindi natanggap sa gusto nilang kurso. Hindi ko akalain na aabot pala ng libo libo magbabasa nito.

  24. bam says:

    good day po!
    I’ve already been accepted in the the dept of civil engg but i still havent submitted my honorable dismissal and transcript of records. the enrolment period of up diliman for sy 2011-2012 is from june 7- june 13. If I’ll submit my honorable dismissal and transcript of records on june 7, can i still enroll properly? what are the series of steps that i should do?
    thank you!!

    • sab says:

      I haven’t submitted my honorable dismissal and transcript too but the registrar gave me an admission slip (with student number) providing i must submit my deficient documents as soon as possible…. do you have a CE curriculum? i forgot to ask for one. now i don’t know what subjects to preenlist.

      • prx777 says:

        Hi Sabrine,

        Sorry, I don’t have a copy of the CE curriculum. It used to be so easy to get, either from the Admin office beside the Office of the College Dean, or from the CE Department itself.
        Anyway, your curriculum adviser should guide you on what subjects to take, so you should not worry at all.



  25. Renee says:

    Hello! I would like to ask if auditioning for Theater Arts is hard? Because I am considering to take either that or Landscape Architecture. I am worried that I won’t be able to pass the talent test because I am new to acting (I just started last year, joining my drama club). But I would really like to pursue it. Any tips?

    Thank you!

    • prx777 says:

      Hi Renee,

      I don’t have any tip. I’ve been enrolled in only one UP campus and I degree program during my whole stay.
      I don’t know anybody who has ever auditioned either.



      • Renee says:

        Sir Dennis,
        I just wanted to thank you for posting this article and for also replying to me.:) I’ve already gone through the talent determination test for theatre and I am glad to say that I have passed the test. Here are the details of the TDT:

        -It does not matter if you failed the Upcat or not, you still need to take the TDT for theatre
        -You must inquire in the College of Arts and Letters after your Upcat to know the dates when to apply for the talent test
        -There are several requirements that you need to give, failure to give all will not be accepted by the college
        -You need 3 recommendation letters from your professors or noted theatre actors
        -You need a portfolio of all the productions/plays you’ve been a part of
        -You need a 3R full body shot and headshot
        -You need 2×2 id pictures
        -You need an average grade of at least 85 from 1st-4th year (Which you need to present to them via transcript of records)
        -You need to perform a monologue (which you will receive after you’ve given all the requirements)
        -You need to perform a song number (preferably from musicals)
        -You need to perform a movement piece, either jazz, ballet, hip-hop

        All in all, you must be really determined in order to complete everything. There were around 60 applicants this year and around 30 passed the talent test. I would also like to remind everyone that theatre is no joke. If you ever pass the TDT, you will be required to join a summer workshop for a month… You will learn a lot about the ins and outs of theatre, but it will be a hard and rigorous training. You won’t have time for yourself or your family, since this workshop starts from 8am until 5pm (or later).

        This is all I can say for now, if anyone is interested to know more, please feel free to ask questions..


  26. Venessa says:

    hello.! im venessa, and i would like to ask about the course that im going to take, thats BS in architecture. can i study or get in UP without taking the UPCAT test?

    • prx777 says:

      Hi Vanessa,

      If you are transferring from another college (and you have at least 33 units and a 2.0 (85%) or better grade point average), then you do not need to take the UPCAT.
      Just apply and hope you get accepted. If you are a high school student planning to take up Architecture in UP, then take the UPCAT.



      • Venessa says:

        Sir Dennis, thank you for this Information. Actually I’m an high school student planning to study in UP, and I’ve just missed taking the review in NEWTON or UPCAT test review because of vacation that I want to enjoy before entering my college life. And I really hope that I’ll pass the UPCAT test this coming September or October. And now I’m seeking for the help of my fellow students in our school who takes the UPCAT test review, and I also want to ask help from you so I can pass this test if it’s ok. :))
        ’cause I’ll guess I’ll have to take a self study.

      • Venessa says:

        Sir Dennis, thank you for this Information. Actually I’m an high school student planning to study in UP, and I’ve just missed taking the review in NEWTON or UPCAT test review because of vacation that I want to enjoy before entering my college life. And I really hope that I’ll pass the UPCAT test this coming September or October. And now I’m seeking for the help of my fellow students in our school who takes the UPCAT test review, and I also want to ask help from you so I can pass this test if it’s ok. )
        ’cause I guess I’m taking the self study mode if theirs no other choice.

  27. angello bacia says:

    hi just wanna ask. i was a bs development communication freshman in uplb last year. had to stop last sem and this sem because i had to support my family’s needs.i didn’t file a loa either.can i study in up diliman through a certificate course?thanks!

    • prx777 says:

      I am not the person you should ask. You went AWOL (Absent Without Leave), so now you should contact your department and clear things out first.

  28. Jenna says:

    Hi prx777! I need your help and suggestion! I’m a transferee from UST last 2006 and eventually a graduate of Certificate in Sport Studies in UP CHK which is a 2 year course last 2008, I’m planning to transfer to another college, let say UP KAL, the problem here is that CHK have a contract! The contract says that a transferee should finish a bachelor degree within the college (so it’s either BS Sports Science or BSPE ) if He/She is planning to transfer to another college. Do you have any suggestion on how I can transfer, because honestly speaking I really don’t want to waste my time finishing a bachelor degree if I’m not really into it. I heard that KAL is offering a Certificate in Malikhaing Pagsulat, the question is, is there any chances of crediting my GE subjects that I’ve already taken? or I’m going to take it all over again? Hope you can help me with this matter! Thanks!!!

  29. Jean PAsigon says:

    A rainy afternoon…. I have a problem about transferring in UP Baguio….. I am a freshmen and I took business administration in UC……. I would like to ask if the course FINE ARTS can be related to BA because I am planning to transfer there by next year…. Can you please give me advice on how I can relate some of my subjects in BA with fine arts? I would appreciate an immediate reply. Thank you……

  30. Kean Aquino says:

    well another way for that is entering UPOU, majority really don’t know what it is since it’s not included at the branches to be choose at UPCAT. But fyi, UPOU or University of the Philippines Open University is also part of the UP system although majority of the courses they offer are most Post-graduate degree. But if you really want to have that UP thing in your history (especially having your own UP student number) then this should be one of your options.

    Different from Talent test or from VSP, youu only need to inquire and take their exam but if you already took the UPCAT then you only need is a 2.8 (you what i mean)

    they have 3 undergraduate programs: Associate in Arts, BAMS (Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies and their new degree BES (Bachelor of Education Studies)

    It isn’t as challenging as real college life since it’s online and there’s no professor in front of you to scold you about your studies though it takes a lot of effort for you to study on your own.

    Approx. you can finish it within 2 years (all max. units including summer i guess)

    but if you can work it out maybe 1 and 1/2 years or better HAHA if you’re too smart to finish all 60 units

    • prx777 says:

      Yes, I agree with you that the UP Open University is actually a back door, though I’ve heard people who entered through the UPOU vehemently arguing that it is not. I haven’t confirmed if this is true, but I read in a chat room of people moving from the UPOU to regular degree courses in UP Diliman. I wonder how.

      • Kean says:

        well i have friends who transferred from OU to Diliman. You really have that big advantage since most of the prof. from there are also profs in Diliman. And if you really have that good grade or the profs. inside OU are your friends then there would be no problem at all haha.

  31. kev says:

    hello, nag aaral ako ngaun sa UPLB ( elec eng) and plano ko sanang lumipat sa UPD (mechanical eng ) next year. Sabi ng mga napagtanungan ko (students) kailangan daw ng 1.75 na gwa. May chance pa ba ako mkapasok kapag mdyo mas mababa ung gwa ko?

    • prx777 says:

      Hi Kev,

      That’s not for me to answer. Wala namang mawawala sa iyo kung susubukan mo. Dati, ubod ng daming na ki kick out sa Eng sa UP Diliman kaya maraming slots. As long as wala kang bagsak at may 15 units per sem ka naman, I think may pag-asa ka. Siyempre, kapag nataon na maraming mas magaling sa iyo na nag-apply, di ka makakapasok. But it does not hurt to try.

  32. rejie n inosanto says:

    hello! good day.. i am planning to take certificate in sports science in UP diliman may i know if what are the requirements needed?

    • prx777 says:

      Hi Rejie,

      Please contact the UP College of Human Kinetics.
      Direct Line/Fax: (63 2) 9296033
      UP Trunkline: (63 2) 9818500 local 4127

      They might be able to answer your questions.


  33. kev says:

    salamat po sa nagreply. sino po kaya sana ang pwedeng mag bigay sakin ng curriculum ng Mechanical Engineering sa upd? salamat po!

  34. Aya says:

    hi po
    I am a 2nd yr Psychology student from other college school. I really wanted to transfer in UP i really really do kasi lahat ng family members namin dun nagaaral ngayon, di ako nag take ng UPCAT paano po kaya ako makakalipat? kukuha po ba ko ng test? i have good grades but i failed one subject can it be a hindrance for me to transfer to UP? Communication Arts sana yung gust ko sa UPLB, ano pang mapapayo niyo? i am so down po dahil i think grades po yung prob ko.. please reply po

  35. ramzey says:

    good day poh..!! gusto ko po sana mgpa-transfer ng up diliman.. and i take upcat but i failed.. nasa other college po ako ngaun. and pol.scie poh ung program ko..!! mhirap na poh ba mka-transfer sa up?? gustong-gusto ko poh tlaga mka-transfer sa up.. help nmn poh..!!!

  36. Hello! Thank you for this post. I asked my friend who studies in UPManila right now about UP’s entrance exam. He told me that UPCATs are held in August and that’s for the next school year. I wanted to enroll in UP but the problem is I’m in California and I’m going back to the Phil. next year on March. I know I already missed the deadline for the test. So I was planning to just apply for a different university and take BS HOTEL,RESTAURANT & INST MGNT there. If I get good grades and finish just one year of it, will I be able to transfer and get accepted into UPDiliman? like continue my 2nd year of BS HOTEL,RESTAURANT & INST MGNT there? cause I heard from other people that I’ll be ‘irregular’? I don’t know what that means, but they say that even if I get accepted I will have to start the course all of over again. And I don’t want to add another year in my college life ’cause I’m already super late😦 hopefully you can help me.

    • prx777 says:

      You can transfer after one year, if your grade and the number of units you’ve taken during your first year are sufficient. (I suggest you take 36 units during your first year and try your best to get really good grades.) UP will evaluate and probably consider many of the units you took up. However, they may ask you to take an evaluation exam before they give you credit for it. Or they may not give you credit for some of them, as some of the subject you took may not follow the curriculum of the course you want to take, or some other reason. The exact rules depend on the college you enter. Anyway, you’ll probably be considered an irregular, as you will have to retake some subjects you took the first year. If you take extra units during the semester or take summer classes, then you can still graduate in time.

  37. Jey says:

    Good day! Thank you for the information. I have read about how to transfer to UP, I would like to ask if there’s still an examination or an interview.

    • prx777 says:

      It depends on the policy of the UP college you are applying to. If there are too many applicants, then the selection committee may decide to interview applicants.

  38. Daniel says:

    Hi! Im wondering if i can still transfer to UPD even after getting kicked out of Ateneo de Manila. Im enrolled in Ateneo de Cagayan and my last sem qpi, converted to the UP grading system, was 1.67. Im hoping to bring that up this sem. I inquired about La Salle, they told me I just have to apply, take the exam, and pass. Going back to Ateneo is my last choice.

  39. Daniel says:

    In addition, I only took up 20 out of 23 units last sem, and 18 out of 23 units this sem because most of the classes were already full. I didnt drop any of those, its just that i couldnt get in to them. Will this affect my chances in getting in? Also, all my classes are just minors, because all my majors start coming in during my 3rd and 4th years. Will they think im only getting good grades because the subjects i took are too easy? I tried enrolling in harder looking subject but the evaluators wouldnt allow me to.

    (This is in relation to the comment which said i have to take no less than 50% of the units for my program.)

  40. Daniel says:

    and my UPG was 2.85. Im not sure if that matters though.

    • prx777 says:

      The number of units you took is sufficient. In UP Diliman, students who get kicked out of the College of Engineering usually apply and get accepted to the College of Public Administration. You might want to try that route, then shift to another course once you are in. Just be careful to take subjects that will still be credited once you shift. A friend of mine who got kicked out opted to apply to Ateneo and La Salle instead. He was accepted by the Ateneo de Manila.

  41. Daniel says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply! Regarding transfer though, does UP really accept Ateneo dropouts? In my opinion, UP was much harder to get in to than Ateneo. Also, if ever I do get accepted, will i be going back to 1st year?

  42. kaye says:

    Hi! I’m currently studying in DLSU and I want to transfer in UPD next year. Someone told me that UP has a different way of looking at the grades daw. For example I get a CGPA of 3.4 (that would be like 1.6 supposedly in UP), when UP checks it na raw my 3.4 will possibly turn to a 2.3, UP standard. Is that true? Isn’t that unfair for our part? Thanks for this, by the way! Very, very helpful!

    • prx777 says:

      UP will adjust grades depending on the school where the grades were obtained. But I’ve heard about that only in relation to the admission of high school graduates (40% HS grades, 60% UPCAT score). The reason: Grade Inflation. Some schools have high standards, while others don’t. A low grade from Philippine Science High School may be upgraded, while that from Dampol 2nd High School may remain the same or be downgraded. But I haven’t heard this being applied to transfer students. Your grades in DLSU can be credited, but for computing the final average for graduation honors, they will not be considered anyway. Only grades obtained in UP will be included in the computation.

    • Daniel says:

      Kaye, i know someone who transferred from la salle to upd. She got into the dean’s list 3 straight terms, pero just barely. Then she applied for 2nd year and got in. Nothing was credited though, but I think you can take crediting exams.

      • kaye says:

        Really, Daniel? What was her CGPA? I really want to transfer and take up Sociology in UP, cause there’s no Sociology in La Salle eh. Thanks for this! GMH.

  43. sandy says:

    Hello. I was just wondering if there’s a possibility one can get in (transferring to) UP if the GWA obtained is lower than 2.0?

    • prx777 says:

      It really depends on the UP college and course you want to transfer to. If you are not particular about the course, why not try the College of Public Administration?

      • sandy says:

        Well, why the College of Public Administration? Will they admit me even if my GWA would be less than 2.0? Anyway, thanks for the immediate reply sir.:)

      • prx777 says:

        Just a hunch. You see, many students who get kicked out of the UP College of Engineering get accepted into Public Administration. You’ll have to fail 75% of your units or fail at least 50% for 2 sems straight to get kicked out of Engineering. So, I would guess they are not very sensitive to low graders.
        Once you’re inside, you can transfer to a different course as long as you do well. Just take courses that are applicable to the course you are transferring to.

      • sandy says:

        Oh. I guess I would submit my papers soon. Thanks for the information. Anyway, for applying, can I submit my application to two colleges? I’m planning to go to UPLB, College of Forestry and Natural Resources. Then, maybe at the same time, I’d submit a copy to the College of Public Administration.

        Where can I send my applications by the way?

    • jasper says:

      makaka apply ba ako kahit na gwa ko 2.1? for transfer?ok na sa akin ang community development nakapasok ka na ba sa UP kahit ang gwa mo ay lower than 2.0 thanks po.

  44. emrockwell says:

    I just want to know if it is hard to transfer to BS Computer Science in UPD? I’m currently taking up BS ComSci here in UPLB. I’m planning to shift campus this next school year.
    Thank you for the answer!

    • prx777 says:

      People have done it before. I don’t know if their policy has changed, but it used to depend on the grades you got in UPLB. My advice: try to limit your units during your first semester in Diliman. I know a UPLB Computer Science student with sterling grades who transferred to UP Diliman and nearly got kicked out after his first semester in UPD. Apparently, survival there relies a lot on self-study, which he said was not the case in UPLB. Young profs with poor teaching aptitude do come and go, so you may find yourself luckier than my old fried. But you never know.

      • lacrosse_m says:

        That doesn’t mean it’s difficult in UPD’s CS. hey prx777, owner of this blog, you know what, I find your comments about UPLB irritating. Your “UPG cutoff range” for UPLB is even WRONG. I can have you cited w/ the UPLB registrar’s office. try me.

      • prx777 says:

        Well, that’s a very surprising comment from you considering that the cut-offs are posted in detail at the UP College of Admissions, and they vary year by year. They change every year by the way because the cut-off is determined by the score of the lowest rated student the campus is interested in accepting for enrollment. Long before your irate comment, I’ve posted a more recent numbers from one of the readers. However, you’d probably want me to revise the post since I’ve used some old cut-off. Okay, I will.

        The real cut-offs of course are the ones for reconsideration. Giving a high cut-off and then opening slots for reconsideration only says that the first cut-off was unrealistically high and so, if the campus does not admit additional applicants with scores below that cut-off, it would not have enough students. It does not matter if UPLB chooses to have 2 different cut-offs, unlike other campuses. At the end of the day, UP Los Banos is still the only campus which will accept a student with a UPG of 2.8.

        When I was in UP Diliman, I found out that I and many of my classmates in my Chemical Engineering class had rather high UPCAT scores — 97 to 99+ in fact. What if I told you that in UPLB, a Computer Science major may get accepted (upon recon) even if his reading comprehension score was 75, and math and science scores are 85 (not cut-off for verbal.? Well, I believe this used to be posted in the UPLB website. It is still posted in Would you also want to file a complaint against that website?

        Frankly, I don’t know whether studying in UPLB is hard or easy. All I know, is that is if a student reviewing for the UPCAT does not get good scores, I would recommend putting UP Los Banos as a second choice for the campus. I never studied for the UPCAT myself, but I’ve conducted reviews for some students in the past. Some of these students were very poor, and it is my belief that they are at a heavy disadvantage against the rich who do not have to worry about the food they will eat every day. That’s partly the reason their scores in my practice tests were so low. Adding insult to injury, UP lowers their high school grades because it thinks their high schools are not very good. As long as UP accepts valedictorians and salutatorians from the lowly provincial baranggay high schools, I think that a recon cut-off of 2.8 for UPLB is nothing to be ashamed of. One day, these poor but deserving students will make UP proud.

  45. UPPAYT says:

    Hi there, i have a question
    i want to transfer in UP Diliman

    i have a very low grade in Accounting which is my major which i am very horrible at. (i dont have any passion with numbers)
    but most of my GE subjects are fair enough

    i know this might be a very stupid question for you, is there any slight probability that i can get in UP D ? im planning to take Certificate program in Fine arts (Visual Communication)

    whats your take on this ?

    • prx777 says:

      My take is that your grades would not pose a problem. What would be a problem is if your artistic skills are not really good.

  46. Trixie says:

    For the 1st semester, I had 29 units. And the second semester I also had 29 units. Is that acceptable in UPD? I really want to transfer there.

    • prx777 says:

      29 units per semester is much more than the 18/sem that UPD students usually take, so yes, that is quite acceptable — impressive even.

  47. Gab says:

    Hi, student po ako ng UST Architecture. Dream school ko po talaga UP at nung una ang goal ko po ay makakuha ng mataas na grades para makalipat sa UP. Kaso nag-enjoy ako masyado sa college life kaya nagkaron ako ng 5 nung first sem tapos nung second sem po nawalan na ako ng gana kaya nagtuluy-tuloy na. Bale lahat po ng units na nakuha ko sa UST (one year lang po ako sa UST—first year), na di kasama ang PE at failing grades pati dropped subjects, 44. (I know, sobrang dumi po ng record ko at pinagsisisihan ko talaga) SY 2010-2011 po yun, nagstop po ako for a year (SY 2011-2012) dahil sa depression. Ittry ko po ngayon kung pwede ako sa UPD Fine Arts… Sa tingin niyo po ba may pag-asa? May talent test po po ba yun? Ang sabi po sakin pwede sa interview kaso yun ang weakness ko kaya sana may talent test. ^^ O kaya may written exam din kasi naka 2.3 ako nung UPCAT dati, kaso sa Manila daw po ako pwede… eh ayoko ng Science. XB Thanks po!

  48. Gine says:

    Hello, I just passed the UPCAT and qualified sa UP Manila Campus. Medjo malayo ito sa amin, I’m from Bohol. I am also a regional volleyball athlete and i want to try out sa varsity team. I just want to ask if una ba yung tryout sa team bago mag-enroll? Gusto sanang makasiguro about this. I really want to study at UP and at the same time play.

  49. Keon says:

    Hi I’m a student in Letran. My GWA on the 1st sem was 85 which is equivalent to 1.75 I think but this sem my grades are not so good (I blame the distance from Letran to my house XD). I’m planning on transferring to UPD this next school year. May I ask, If you have an AW (authorized withdrawal) subject, will you still be able to transfer to UPD?

    • prx777 says:

      An AW is not a problem, as long as your total load for the semester is still considered a regular load. In UPD, that means at least 15 units per semester.

      • Keon says:

        How many units are required? Will I still be able to get in even if the subjects that I have taken from Letran are not creditable?

      • prx777 says:

        Get a minimum of 33 units during your freshman year. You can still be considered even if the subjects you took cannot be credited.

  50. kevin juliano says:

    hi! hindi po ako nakapasa sa UP. Gusto ko po sana magpareconsider paano po ba???

    • prx777 says:

      Depende sa kursong gusto mong lipatan. Kung BS Chemical Engineering, kailangan kang pumunta sa College of Engineering at tanungin kung ano ang proseso nila. Medyo malabo kang mareconsider, especially since hindi ka nakapasa sa campus cut-off. Kung may slot man na ma-open, malamang may mag-apply na pasado sa campus cut-off at hindi lang nag-qualify sa course na gusto niya. May additional rule sila dati (hindi ko alam kung applicable pa ngayon) na hindi puwede ang below 90 na score sa math if you want to take up engineering. Kung ang score mo sa Math ay 98 or higher, baka sakali. The easier option is to apply for reconsideration in UPD, and enroll kahit any course na lang. Kung ma reconsider ka, align mo na lang ang subjects na kukunin mo sa engineering. Common first year naman sa UP, kaya dapat sana walang sayang na subject kung lumipat ka ng course after one year. Pero hindi ka makakalipat kung mababa ang grades mo. Saka kailangang mag-take ka ng Algebra and Trigo (Math 17) during the first sem, and Calculus (Math 53) to be consistent with the engineering curriculum. Kung mahina ka sa math, engineering is not for you.

  51. kevin juliano says:

    ang gusto ko palang course ay BS in Chemical Engineering :(((((

  52. Belle says:

    Di po ako nakapasa as BS Film & Interior Des. Both po sa UPD. Pwede ba akong magpa reconsider? Sa listahan po kasi ng pumasa e wala masyadong naka pasa sa field ng Film.
    Second question po, pwede kaya na mag pa reconsider sa BS Fine Arts na lang kasi gusto ko talaga ng related sa arts? kung ayaw nila mag consider sa Film or Int Des?
    Kukuha na lang ng Talent test? salamat po

    • prx777 says:

      Hi Belle,
      Kung kokonte nakapasa, ibig sabihin kokonti nakalusot sa campus cut-off.
      Bago ka kasi ma-consider sa course mo, kailangan lusutan mo muna minimum score para sa campus na iyon.
      As far as I know hindi puwede ang reconsideration sa UPD. Sa ibang campus na lang.
      Another option of course eh Fine Arts — kasi talent ang habol nila doon. Yup, Talent Test ang kailangan mo para makapasok doon.

      Best regards,


  53. Peeta says:

    Hi! I just wanted to ask if UP considers the first year and second year report card grades? Because during my first two years in HS, I didn’t take my studying seriously and had lots of extra stuff going on but on my third year, I have pretty high grades.

    • prx777 says:

      I think you can already surmise that from the fact that they will be asking you for your grades in grade 9, 10 and 11 (1st, 2nd, and 3rd year HS). By the way, I’m fully in support of the idea of a 12-year college-preparatory education.

  54. jen says:

    Uhmmm, do you know how to apply as a second courser?

  55. Eye says:

    hello po.i just want to ask kung anong mga colleges/departments sa UPD na tumatanggap ng shiftees during the second sem? According kasi to the admin ng college of arts and letters meron daw like mass com. But I wanna know Kung anu pa ung iba. Kulang kasi ako ng 6 units kaya Hindi ako makakatransfer ng Upd by June. I’m from updepp (pampanga). Thank you po. And by the way, ano pala ung mga required Gwa nila?

  56. abby says:

    hello po,tanong ko lang po If I have the chance na makakuha ng slot sa UPLB kase po ang UPG ko po ay 2.797 at gusto ko po mag take ng BS ECONOMICS pero po mababa po ung math ko 29 lang.May chance po ba ako?pls be honest po and thank you po

  57. Ahki says:

    Hi. Kindly help me on what to do. I really want to study in UPM. But unfortunately, I failed UPCAT last year. Having a UPCAT score of 2.725. I’m currently studying at CEU-Manila, BS Pharmacy. I would like to transfer to UPM this year. My first sem GWA is 1.5. For second sem, I don’t know yet. How can I transfer? Is it possible?
    Thank you.

    • prx777 says:

      Yes you can apply. But you need to finish one year of studies first in CEU, with at least 33 credit units. If you apply, your grades and other credentials will be compared with that of other applicants. Your chances of being accepted really depend on how impressive your grades in CEU will be. So study hard. You can ask for the forms and other requirements now from the UP Manila college you want to apply to.

      • Ahki says:

        Thank you so much for your reply, Sir.:)
        I’ll follow your advise. May God bless you for being so helpful.:)

  58. Ahki says:

    Hi. Kindly help me on what to do. I really want to study at UPM. But unfortunately, I did not pass UPCAT last year with a score of 2.725. I am currently studying at CEU-Manila, BS Pharmacy. This year, I want to tranfer at UPM, BS Speech Pathology. My first sem GWA is 1.5. Is it possible for me to transfer? If yes, how?
    Thank you.

  59. Peeta says:

    So what if I didn’t have good grades during my first and second year but my third year and fourth year report cards are pretty high? And when I say bad grades during the first two years, I mean like 72 in Math once.

    • prx777 says:

      Just note. The biggest factor in admissions is still the UPCAT. Work harder at your review so your exam scores can compensate for your lower grades. If your competition budgets 60 hours for review, then study for 120 hours to make up for the disadvantage in your grades. Also, if you are studying in a highly reputable high school, UP will adjust your grades upward.

  60. eloixa says:

    i really want to study in UP. but i got a lower score… so im planing to transfer next year.if my grades are enough. can you help me ?

  61. kevin says:

    Ang UPG ko po ay 2.6 tapos magpaparecon po ako sa LB anu pong course bagay sakin??? thank you

    • prx777 says:

      Ano ba plano mo, makapasok lang pagkatapos lilipat ka ng kurso?. Mas madali kasing lumipat sa kursong kulang ang umabot sa campus cut-off kaya kailangan talaga ng dagdag na estudyante. Halimbawa, puwedeng wala ng opening sa Computer Science, pero madami pang slots ang Economics. Research mo na lang he he.

  62. Eye says:

    hello po.i just want to ask kung anong mga colleges/departments sa UPD na tumatanggap ng shiftees during the second sem? According kasi to the admin ng college of arts and letters meron daw like mass com. But I wanna know Kung anu pa ung iba. Kulang kasi ako ng 6 units kaya Hindi ako makakatransfer ng Upd by June. I’m from updepp (pampanga). Thank you po. And by the way, ano pala ung mga required Gwa nila?

  63. jannina labay says:

    hi im jannina labay. i just want to ask if when will be the try outs for the scholarship for volleyball? i am an incoming 4th year high school student and i wanted to enter up… tnx a lot.

    • prx777 says:

      So you want to apply to UP’s Varsity program. You will need to go to the UP College of Human Kinetics. If you don’t have a car, ride the Ikot jeep and tell the driver to drop you off the the gym. Here’s the coach and schedule:
      Volleyball (Women) Mia Tioseco 5:30- 8:30 pm MWF Gym

  64. ramzey says:

    gud day po!

    ask ko lng po kung may chance ako mkpsok sa up diliman man or manila if my units ain 1st sem is 23 tpos sa 2nd sem nmn 22.. anu po ba ung 33 units na cnsbi.? buong year po ba or isang sem lng? and ung ave.ko po is 91.. need clarifications lng poh.. thnks!

    • prx777 says:

      33 units– total units na nakuha mo sa freshman year para i consider ka if you want to transfer to UP as a sophomore.

  65. cla says:


    I did not pass both UPD and UPM but my UPG is 2.822. Since UPLB’s cutoff is 2.8, I’m planning to go there to ask for reconsideration. I’d like to take Veterinary Medicine. Here’s my results:

    Language: 82
    Reading: 75
    Math: 10 (Embarrassing. LOL.)
    Science 57
    UPG: 2.822

    As you can see, my problem is my Science and Math percentile. I don’t think they’ll accept me.:(😦😦 And I can’t find a better university that offers Vet. Med. course so I’m really desperate for UPLB.😦 Anyone who knows the Vet. Med. requirements? If in case they approved my petition for reconsideration, do you think I have chances of being accepted in the Veterinary course? I need specific answers.

    • prx777 says:

      If 2.8 is the cut-off, and your UPG is 2.8222, obviously you don’t qualify. Have you verified the current cut-off? It can change from year to year. I wouldn’t keep my hopes up if I were you. But then, there’s no harm in trying. I don’t know the requirements for a veterinary course.
      Another option is to take Veterinary Medicine in another university and then just apply for transfer after one year (if your grades are good enough).

  66. I have a problem. I passed UPBaguio B Fine Arts. But I want to transfer to UPDiliman BS Architecture. If I;ve reached the 2.2 UPG in the first semester of being a fine arts student in UPB, could I immediately transfer to UPDiliman and shift to BS Architecture? :]]

    Another problem, what happens if I fail the Talent Determination Test of UPB BFA? ]]

    Help me please. ;{ I really don’t know what to do now. March 2012 is nearly ending. :((

    • prx777 says:


      You must stay in UPLB for at least 1 year. Entry requirements to the UP Diliman College of Fine Arts are as follows:
      – Must have earned at least 30 academic units with a minimum average of 2.75
      – Certified True Copy of Grades
      – Certificate of Good Moral Character
      – Certificate of Conduct Eligibility from the UP
      – Letter addressed to the College Secretary
      – pledging the applicants will secure a Permit to transfer, if accepted
      -Three (3) 1 ½ inches x 1 ½ inches ID photos

      The application period will usually end around the first week of April, so you need to secure all the requirements before the end of March.

  67. kevin says:

    so ang napili ko na pong course ay chem engineering tapos pasado naman po ako sa grade na kailangan para sa math and science. anu nga pala mga tanong sa interview sa uplb?

    • prx777 says:

      I have no idea. Having said this, you must realize that each prof would have his own idea on what the best questions to ask should be.
      Even if they were to set up guidelines, my guess is it would only be loosely followed.
      In my humble opinion, the questions you should be prepared to answer include:
      1) Please introduce yourself (background info)? OR Please describe yourself. (Same thing)
      2) What motivates you to do well in your studies (inspiration)?
      3) Why do you want to transfer to UPLB ChE?
      4) Why are you interested in this course?
      5) Have you researched what the course is all about? OR What do you know about the course you are applying for?
      (Same idea– test if you really know what you want to go into.)
      6) How does your talents/abilities match this course? (Probe or confirmation question)
      7) What was the greatest disappointment you’ve had in your life, and how did you handle it?
      (Thinking — a guy who got everything easily before is not as versatile as one who’s suffered disappointments and risen from it stronger)
      8) Our department has rigorous academic standards. Do you think you can handle it? Why?
      (Optimism is fine, but not too much. If you were not selected automatically for the course, it must mean others are more academically prepared than you. How do you fix the gap? If you can relate a story of how you found yourself less skilled than your competition, how you worked hard and eventually prevailed, then that would be nice.)
      9) Have you been in positions of leadership before? Please describe them.
      (A person who has taken on many leadership roles in the past would be less prepared academically than others, but still be an asset in many other ways.)
      10) If you were in our position, why should we accept you as a student in this course?
      (Wrap-up. Restate the various points favorable to your application which you’ve said before. Add additinal info.)

      I hope this helps.

  68. blake says:

    hi po!!! ung campus na po ba ung nagpoprovide ng waitlist form??

  69. philip john d baysa says:

    paano po kung hindi masyadong kaayaya yung resulta ng UPCAT ko pero meron po akong talento sa music, makakapag-aral po ba ako sa UP? magtetest pa lang po kami this year!!! meron po akong alam sa music pero hindi naman ako masyadong bihasa. choir member po ako at alam ko rin pong tumugtog ng banduria, octavina, at iba pang rondalla instruments, pero hindi po ako sigurado na makakapasa ako ng UP. nagprapractice na rin po ako minsan sa pagtugtog ng gitara, pianno at violin.

    • prx777 says:

      Ang iniisip mo ba ay Bachelor of Music? Eto requirements:
      a) passing the UPCAT,
      b) passing the written, aural, solfegge examinations, and
      c) passing the performance auditions.

      Kung Diploma course lang sa UP College of Music, kahit bumagsak ka sa UPCAT, puwede. Kailangan mo lang, requirement b) and c).
      Pero dahil ang dami mong magiging kakumpetensya, hindi puwede ang marunong ka lang. Kailangan magaling ka talaga.

  70. philip says:

    kung magtetest po ako ng UPCAT ano po ang dapat kong gawin? sabi po nila right minus wrong daw, dapat ko po bang lampasan na lang yung mga tanong na hindi ko alam? o sagutin ko na lang kahit hindi ako sigurado?

    • prx777 says:

      Hindi right minus wrong. Kung 4 choices, right minus 1/4 wrong. Kung 4 choices, right minus 1/3 wrong. Ang prinsipyo ganito. Halimbawa, kung apat ang choices ng exam, at apat ang hinilaan mo, malamang tatlo mali, isa ang tama. Ang score mo ay 1 -1/3 (3) or 0. Ginagawa ito para makontra ng UP ang mga puro hula lang ang ginagawa.
      Advice ko– kung sat apat na choices, sigurado ka na isa ay mali, at tatlo na lang ang pagpipilian mo, hulaan mo na. Mas malamang na madagdagan ang score mo.

  71. philip says:

    ano po yung UPG? bakit University predicted grade?

    • prx777 says:

      Kaya UPG, kasi ang idea nila, base sa UPCAT score, matatantiya nila kung ano magiging grade mo sa unang taon mo sa UP. Halimbawa, puwede nilang sabihin, and may score sa UPCAT ng 97 at grade na 86, ang nagiging grade sa unang taon sa UP ay 2.0. Tantiyahan lang yan base sa resulta ng mga dating pumasok sa UP. Mas madalas na sablay ang tantiya nila.

  72. philip says:

    ano pong gagawin sa requirement b? dun sa written at oral? magcocompose po ba at magbabasa ng notes?

    • prx777 says:

      Tetestingin ka sa nota — ala do re mi. You can ask them directly.

      University of the Philippines
      Abelardo Hall 929-6963, 981-8500 loc. 2627

  73. GGirl says:

    hello po.. panu po pag nakapasa sa UP Baguio (my 3rd choice) pero gusto mag apply sa Los Banos? (1st and second choice)
    pwede po kaya ako magpa reconsider although I’ve already passed in UP Baguio?

    Thank you po.

  74. Catherine Ilagan says:

    Hi ! i just wanna ask, what if i didn’t get the chance to take the UPCAT, Is there any way of getting entrance exams, or any exams para po makapasok sa UP Diliman?

    • prx777 says:

      The UPCAT has a fixed schedule. If you missed that schedule, hindi ka puwedeng pa-reschedule. May exam din nga pala ang Open University. Iyon yung home study courses– pero konti lang ‘yon.

  75. Angel says:

    Hi! I want to transfer to UPD from another university. Hindi po kasi ako nakapasa sa UPCAT last year pero naging okay naman po yung GWA ko which is equivalent to 1.6 this year. I finished 23 units for the 1st and 2nd sem. Ang problema ko lang po is kailangan po ba talaga ng TCG(for the 2nd sem only) once mag-aaply na ako sa UPD? Hindi po ba pwedeng, at least, a photocopy of it muna? And also, is it possible to become a regular student even though I’m a transferee?

  76. good day!
    i am Karen Gerona, i would like to ask if where can i get my UPCAT score? i’ve already taken the exam last 2009. is it still possible to know the score? and if i’ll get my score can i still apply for reconsideration? or just apply as a transfer student? lastly, is it ok if you’ll reply through my email add. thanks a lot.:)

  77. Breezy says:

    Hi! I just want to ask if kung pwede macredit yung mga non-academic subjects such as PE, NSTP at Theo. Thanks!

  78. mark joseph m. pascual says:

    hi! may tanong lang po ako. last april 2 po nag-apply ako for transfer applicants coming from other schools. naka 40 units na po ako and ang GWA ko ay 1.6 doon pero i checked na iba ang grading system ng school ko sa UP. may chance po ba na mabago pa yung GWA ko? another question po. i applied for BS ME, BS GE, and BS Geology. ang OUR na po ba ang magdedecide kung san ako irerecommend? at kung may evaluation exam po ano po most likely yung lalabas na topics? maraming salamat po.:)

  79. OMID says:

    Hello po. I am omid. nakapasa po ako sa UP mindanao, BS Biology. Pwede pa po bang magpa waitlist sa UPLB kahit super late na? hindi po ba pwedeng makatransfer sa LB after 1st sem? thanks po

    • prx777 says:

      Hindi ako expert diyan. Pero ang alam ko, kailangan mong mag-stay sa UP Mindano ng 1 year bago ka makalipat.

  80. mark joseph m. pascual says:

    hi! may tanong lang po ako. last april 2 po nag-apply ako for transfer applicants coming from other schools. naka 40 units na po ako and ang GWA ko ay 1.6 doon pero i checked na iba ang grading system ng school ko sa UP. may chance po ba na mabago pa yung GWA ko? another question po. i applied for BS ME, BS GE, and BS Geology. ang OUR na po ba ang magdedecide kung san ako irerecommend? at kung may evaluation exam po ano po most likely yung lalabas na topics? maraming salamat po.

    • prx777 says:

      Alam na ng UP na mag-adjust ng grade mo base sa grading system ng eskuwelahan. Wala akong nabalitaang exam. Pero puwedeng may isang Engineering department na gustong gawin yon. Kanya-kanya namang istilo ng pagpili ng tatanggapin ang ibat-ibang engineering department sa UP Diliman (aside from following the general requirements. Puwedeng isang department, lahat ng math, physics, at chemistry grades mo lang ang titingnan. Kung mataas ka doon, kahit mababa ibang grades mo sa ibang supject, okey lang (dapat lang walang bagsak). Ang alam ko may validation test para ma-credit ang mga subject na kinuha mo sa ibang eskuwelahan. Pero kukunin mo ang mga iyon kung tinanggap ka na ng department.

      • mark joseph says:

        maraming salamat po. puede po bang tumawag sa OUR kung kamusta na yung case ko?

      • prx777 says:


      • mark joseph pascual says:

        hello. may tanong lang po ulit ako regarding kung ilan ang inaaccept ng isang course? for example sa ECE po ay 140 ang tinatanggap nila. salamat po:)

      • prx777 says:

        Sorry MJ, pero hindi ko na alam kung ilan ang quota ng bawat kurso ngayon.

      • mark joseph m. pascual says:

        hello po ulit. i’m just wondering kung ano po ang mga possible questions na ibibigay sa akin pag ininterview. basic lang po ba? may interview daw po kasi sa mga courses na inapplyan ko. thanks!😀

      • prx777 says:

        Sorry, but I am not, and have never been connected to the College of Fine Arts.
        It would be better if you just call them up:
        +63 (2) 981.8500 Local 3977
        +63 (2) 981.8732

      • mark says:

        sa college of engineering po ako nag-apply

      • prx777 says:

        Let’s hope na lang na may ibang makakabasa ng tanong mo at sagutin ka.
        Hindi ko alam, kasi, sa engineering na ako mula freshman, at wala naman akong kakilalang tranfer.

        Pagkatapos mo ng pag-intro sa sarili, puwede kang tanungin sa background mo — pamilya, pagpapalaki sayo, mga pangarap mo.
        I would think though na tatanungin nila motivation mo. Bakit mo gustong lumipat ng school? Kung ibang kurso, bakit?
        Malabong tanungin kang puro technical.

  81. marjorie says:

    hi! i really want to be one of those UP students but didn’t qualify UPCAT. I acquired 2.4 as my gen weighted ave. what should i do? help me here pls.

    • prx777 says:

      Ang 2.4 ba na sinasabi mo ay grade mo sa high school o UPG score mo (UPCAT+High School grades)? Ang tsansa mong tanggapin sa UP sa pamamagitan ng reconsideration ay base sa UPG mo.

  82. arlyn says:

    graduate po ako ng 3year course at gusto ko po sana kumuha ng BS Math sa UP Diliman. Nakapagtake po ako ng UPCAT last 2001 at nakapasa naman po ako sa UP Manila kaya lang nagkamali ako ng decision at iba po ang college na pinasukan ko. may posibilidad po ba na matanggap ako sa UP? ang GWA ko po sa college ay 2.0. transfer student po ba ang magiging turing sa akin o freshman?

    • prx777 says:

      The university registrar is probably the best person to ask.
      Tingnan mo kung masasagot ka ng admission.

      VoIP : 981.85.00 local 4560
      email :

  83. marjorie says:

    salamat po.. up manila po kasi ang second choice ko, ano po ba ang gagawin to get recon.?

  84. caress dg says:

    hello, i lost my letter that was given to me by UP ..i didn’t pass but upon reading this article…i got hope again..but kc i thought the letter have no importance na kya i can’t remember where i put it…but as far as i remember i got an ave there 2.6 something..and my high school grades are high nman..what should i do??

    • prx777 says:

      Suggestion ko, relax at isipin mo na muna kung paano mo siya natanggap, saka saan mo sya unang nabasa. Ano ginawa mo pagkatapos? Tinupi mo ba, iniwan sa mesa, tinapon sa basurahan, inipit sa libro ? Kung di mo talaga maalala, baka makakuha ka ng kopya sa Admissions. Tumawag ka na lang saka tanungin mo kung pwede.

  85. Benedict says:

    2.6 po UPG ko. Nag apply po ako ng recon sa uplb for agricultural engineering. 90+ po math and science ko sa subtests. Mataas po kaya chance ko na matanggap?

    • prx777 says:

      Ang alam ko minimum math score sa Eng 90 talaga (di ko lang alam kung Diliman campus lang ‘yon). Marami nga sa applicants sa Engineering 95 pataas pa ang science and math. Pero depende na lang kung gaano kagaling ibang nag-apply for recon ang tsansa mo. Wala naman akong ideya kung ano qualifications nila.

  86. anne vivero says:

    Mga ate at Kuya, pwede bang magtransfer ako dito sa UP , same course din po ittake ko . FineArts major in VisCom. Pg po ba bumagsak sa UPCAT, dina pewde makapasa? Pano naman po ung sa Talent determination test?:/

  87. jasper says:

    hello po, graduate po ako ng Bachelor in Fine arts major in industrial design sa UP cebu nganong april lang. gusto ko sana mag-enrol ng architecture sa diliman. ano po ba dapat gawin at mga requirements na kailangan? salamat

  88. akatsukilord says:

    Hello po, ang UPG ko po ay 2.449 at nagpareconsider po ako sa UPM. May malaking chance po ba or possibility na makapasok akong UPM at sa course na gusto ko? Btw, ang first choice course ko po ay computer science.

    • prx777 says:

      Sa pagkakaalam ko, hindi mataas na rating and 2.449.
      Swerte na lang kung matanggap ka.

      Good luck.

  89. Harvey says:

    Hello po, transfer student po ako from a trisem college school.. my current course is BS Computer Engineering.. nag apply po ako ng transfer sa UPD and want to have (kung alin man sa napili kong course, BS Comp Engring, BS EE, or BS ECE) i really want these courses cause electronics is my passion..anyway ang GWA ko during my first year is 1.51 and my mathematics related subjects’ GWA is around 1.6… mattanggap po kaya ako?? studying in UPD is one of my greatest dreams…

  90. Harvey says:

    idadag ko rin po pala.. 64 units po ang na accomplished ko in my first year…

    • prx777 says:

      My guess is yes, matatanggap ka, base sa good grades and sufficient number of units credited. BTW: Your guess is as good as mine.

      • Harvey says:

        kuya prx777, hindi po ako natanggap.. since around 1.6 daw un GWA nung math subjects ko.. d ako matatanggap… nadeny ako… ang cut off daw is 1.5.. ang higpit pla nila sa college of engineering, kahit konti nlng dpa rin natanggap. I wonder kung pede pa ako ulit mag apply ng transfer application next year? same course pa din saka im making sure na beyond 1.5 na un GWA ng math subjects ko… pede ba un? or kung hindi, pede ba kung magtransfer-shift muna ako sa BS Computer Science?since i have very good skills in analytical and programming… saka para sa ibang college nman hindi na sa college of engineering, dama ko yung higpit ee…

      • prx777 says:

        Hi Harvey. Sorry to hear that. Matagal nang policy ng Engineering ang mas mahigpit sila sa Math. Sa UPCAT, minimum score sa Math 90. Kahit pasok ka sa cut-off, pwede pa ding di tanggapin kung hindi umabot ang math score. Pero honestly, maraming nakakagraduate sa Engineering na ang math average lower than 2.0.

        Puwede kang mag-apply uli. Kailangan lang naman, at least 50% ng subjects mo ay kukunin mo pa sa UP. So kung makapag-take ka man ng 90 units sa ibang kolehiyo, pero ang na-credit sa iyo ng UP ay 81 lamang (dahil di na naman part ng course sa UP ang subject, halimbawa), ikokonsider ka pa din ng UP for admission.

      • Harvey says:

        uhhm…im glad to know na pede pa mag-apply ulit.. mahigpit pala talaga cla sa math…pagbubutihan ku pa sa mga math subjects ko… next time na mag-apply ako ulit,, iiba-ibahin ko na ng bracket, un pinili ko kasi coe,ee,saka ece.. pare-parehas cla ng requirements kaya d ako nakuha… pag-iisipan ko pa kung anu pa un 2 courses na pede at gusto ko, 1st choice ko pa din computer engineering… anyway, thanks po ulit sa pagsagot sa mga inquiries ko…thanks a lot!!!

  91. evan says:

    i want to ask if my sister can still be accepted in other courses aside from the course that she had waitlisted. Unfortunately she did not pass the waitlist interview and she has a upg of 2.54….

    • prx777 says:

      Yes. Puwede siyang mag-appy. Sorry for the late reply, but I would think it was too late even last May. Nakapasok na siguro siya sa ibang school. Puwede naman siyang makapag-transfer, kung mataaas grades niya during her freshman year in the college she is now attending.

  92. jessa says:

    hello! ano po ung mga dapat gawin if gusto mo magtransfer to UPD from another college? magshift din po ako ng course, from accountancy to AB creative writing.. may exam po ba na kinukuha kung di ako nkapgtake ng UPCAT . may kailangan mo bang fill-upan na forms or mga requirements?? at kelan po open para magapply. thanks!

    • prx777 says:

      Kunin mo TCG (true copy of grades) sa college na pinag-aaralan mo. Kumuha ka ng application form sa UP. Then wait a few weeks. Normally, wala nang exam, pero puwedeng may interview — it depends on the course.

  93. Caine says:

    Hello, im a freshie Escolarian taking BS Biology this school year and i want to transfer in UP Manila as soon as possible.
    what is BS BIOLOGY B LIBRARY & INFO SCIENCE ? is BS Biology available?
    When is the earliest time that i can transfer in UP,(i have 27 units and saw that the requirement is 33) ?
    Please give me an advice .

    • prx777 says:

      Apply once you’ve finished at least 33 units with a grade point average of 1.75 or higher (usually — the grade cut-off depends on the college). Library science– as the name implies, teaches the student how to manage a library — classifying books, etc.This course is easy to transfer to, just like Public Administration (a course designed for people who want to work for government).

  94. raine says:

    hi..good day..
    i’m a third year student from mapua institute of technology taking up civil engineering course and i want to transfer to UP Diliman but i already had a failing grade of 5 when i was in my first year of study in the institute..i just want to ask if it’s possible? or if there’s a chance that i could transfer? my GWA last term is 2.3 something..

    • prx777 says:

      Under normal circumstances, no UP campus will accept a transferee with a grade lower than 2.0 (on a scale of 1-5 with 1.0 being the highest). With the competition for slots, you may even need a grade of 1.6 or higher to get in. What’s more, you’ve got a failing grade. If that’s a math subject, that can automatically disqualify you from consideration.

      Sorry if I disappoint you with this answer, but I don’t think you will get a more optimistic one even if you go to UP yourself and ask.

  95. ynelleny says:

    gud eve dis is leny ask ko lng po finish n kc ako ng isang course at na meet ko nmn ung 33 units at ok nmn ung grade ko gusto ko kc sna pumsok next yr at mg take ng bs administration accoutancy s up lb sna kzo s dilimn lng pla meron kailngn ko p po b mg take ng exam o hindi at ipasa ko nlng ung tor ko ano po b? plz help…and give me some advise……..

    • prx777 says:

      Hi Ynelleny,

      If you don’t mind me asking, saang university ka nag-enroll? Kung gusto mong lumipat ng UP College of Business Administration, ang kailangan mong translated grade equivalent ay 1.5. Halos pang magna cum laude grade na iyon (1.45 for magna cum laude). Bukod pa doon, marami ka pang kakumpetensya from within UP. Nadinig ko dati, kumuha sila ng isang transfer student from Ateneo de Manila. Pero bihira iyon. Medyo mahirap lumipat sa UP Diliman kung Business Administration and Accountancy ang gusto mong lipatan.

  96. ynelleny says:

    onga po pla leny p rin ito last may 2011 po ako grumad……posible b n mkpsok p rin aq s up?nag take kc aq dati ng upcat pero d ako nkpsa…..nbsa ko kc itong blog nyo kya parang isang malaking chansa ko n rin ito kung sakali n ma qualify at psok ung grades ko sa college n ntpos ko n…..

  97. ynelleny says:

    bale po hindi nmn ako mg tratransfer gusto ko lng ulit mg aral next yr …. sa informatics ako grumad last may 2011 adit po natapos ko sa case ko po b me chanza po b ako n mkpsok sa up? kraniwan ko po kc nbbsa dito ung about sa pg tranzfer n mlki ang chance n mkpsok s up bsta m meet lng ung grades at 33unit….e na meet ko nmn po ung requirements nila n gnun..pls help pra po mg karon ako ng idea…tnx po at godblesss…

  98. Marciana D. Lucido says:

    My daughter is bound to Summer Camp in Japan (Aug.3-9) by the time UPCAT exam will be administered. We are opting for an IE course at Lyceum and then transfer ng course na gusto niya sa UPLB (not quota course, not IE). Nagbrain train siya this summer so more or less me idea kami ng grade requirement. Aside from taking 33 units to transfer, pwde po ba ung talent option. She’s into ballet since 8 years old. Pwede po bang iyon ang route para makapasok sa UPLB.

    I appreciate your reply.


  99. Marciana D. Lucido says:

    follow-up po sa post. My daughter is 4th year this year sa school which focuses on technology and humanity. Has good grades in English and Math courtesy of Kumon (of which she is a completer last May and by November, respectively) and is now taking tutorial classes to review Chem and Physics para sa Science aspect naman. Dead bent makapasok sa university pero ang grades not exceptional in other subjects.

    My worry, it will take one year to finish the 33 units, tapos may quota for every department. What are her chances for admission?

    • prx777 says:

      Her chance of getting accepted really depends on how well she does during her freshman year and the course she wants to transfer to. Just ask her to work very hard on her first year sa Lyceum. She will need a grade of 2.0 (85%) or higher just to be considered. Many colleges have additional requirements. If, for example, she wants to go into engineering, she should take algebra, trigonometry, and introductory calculus during her first year and make sure she does well on those subjects. Tip: get her to study those subjects even before the start of classes. That way, review na lang pag pasok niya. For other courses, iba ang criteria when selecting applicants. Interviews are commonly used to screen applicants as well. And certain courses, may not accept transfer students.

  100. hi. goodeve. im russel studying BS civil engineering here at uplb, new freshman. But im planning to shift to UP diliman. Can i easily do it? and how can i shift campus??

    • prx777 says:

      It depends mainly on the availability of slots, your grades and the grades of the other people applying. (Kung maraming na kick-out sa college– maraming new slots). General requirement for transfer is a 2.0 average or higher, with no 5, inc. or unremoved grade of 4. You need to pass Math 17, and those who get in often have math grades of 1.5 or higher. More emphasis is placed on math grades. You also need to write a letter stating your reason for shifting. Obviously, if there are only 5 slots available, and there are 9 other people with a GWA of 1.75 or higher applying, then a GWA of 1.89 will not be enough. The faculty are expected to get the best of the brightest among those who want to transfer.

  101. jamm says:

    what if ung major subject kopa ngayun ung mababa like 2.5 ?? pero sa ibang subjects okay naman po. at tsaka ibang course naman po ung pag-aaplyan ko. okay lang po ba yun? basta mkakaAbot ng 2.00 ung gwa ko??

    • prx777 says:

      It depends kung saang course ka lilipat. Baka naman totally unrelated yung major subject mo sa course na lilipatan mo: Example: from Engineering to Psychology. Pero kung from BS Math to BS Engineering, mataas ang correlation ng math skills to success sa Engineering. Importante sa kanila math.

      • jamm says:

        I feel so hopeless. T-T I got 3.00 midterm grade in College Algebra, while my major is 2.50.but thank God that beside col.Algebra my other subjects are not lower that 2.25, I still have Finals on my hand. anyway, hindi na po related yung pagshiftan ko if ever eh, BS Accountancy po tnetake ko ngayun( And I don’t know why I took it) while AB in Film po sana gusto ko tlagang course..

  102. Inno says:

    hi! uhm.. ilan po ba ang percentage of chance ng passing ko if my average grade from first year to third year is 89.8? I’m aiming for U.P. Dil. BS Bio and BS Chem tapos 2nd choice ko UPVTC BS Bio and BS Bus.Mgt.

    I also applied for Intarmed, uhm… Ilan po ba ang required na combined grade ng HS GWA and UPCAT score para mkapasok sa Intarmed program? Tnx.😀

    • prx777 says:

      Please read my article on the Bias of UP. Kung ang 89.8 mo ay nakuha sa isang “high standard” school based on previous UPCAT scores ng schoolmates mo, mataas yan. Pero kung galing ka sa baranggay school na mababa ang admission rate sa UP, baka kulang pa. Kasi adjusted ang grades mo base sa pinanggalingan mong high school. Puwedeng converted yan to 95 or 80 base sa kalkulasyon nila.
      Intarmed, pataasan lang ng score ng mga nag-apply. Depende ang cut-off sa scores na makukuha ng ibang applicants.

  103. timothy treyes says:

    Good morning!
    hello there!
    i just want to ask some clarification here in this site.Hoping that the administrator of these would try to give me some.
    I’m a second year college student from university of Pasig city under bachelor of science in management.
    I had planned to study in UP but because of financial problem my parents preferred me to study at UPC.I’ve had no choice at that time.
    But now, i want to be a UP student and i just don’t know how to get there…please answer me…
    i would not try to transfer instead i’m just going to start at freshmen level…

    • prx777 says:

      Since nag-take ka na ng subjects outside, transferee ka na. Kung walang subject na credited, para ka pa din namang freshman anyway.

  104. wew says:

    HI Everyone! I just want to help. Nakalipat po ako this year lang galing Mapua Institute of Technology at ang nilipatan ko ay isa sa mga engineering courses.

  105. derrick james cua says:

    hi! may idea ba kayo sa undergrad sa UP? or mas better kung MBA na lang kukunin ko? mahirap ba makapasok pag MBA? thank you!

  106. Mona says:

    Hello. Sna ho matulungan nyo ako, I’m currently taking BS accountancy at gusto ko po tlgang lumipat sa UP Diliman. hndi po ako n-accept nung nag take ako ng UPCAT.. sadly hndi ko po alam ang grade ko natpon po kxe un mail… may chance po bang makuha ko ulet un result?

    • prx777 says:

      Hindi mo na kailangan ang result ng UPCAT kasi transfer student na ang classification mo kung gusto mo pang lumipat. Ang importante ngayon, yung grade mo sa first year ng college. Ang grades mo sa first year ang magiging basehan kung tatanggapin ka kapag nag apply ka for transfer.
      Kailangan mo lang ang UPCAT score kung hindi ka pa tumutungtong ng college.

      • Mona says:

        Thank you. last na mc-credit po ba ang religious subjects?

      • prx777 says:

        Hindi kasali ang mga religious subjects sa makakasali sa credit. Depende sa course na lilipatan mo, maari din na mag-require sila na makapasa ka ng isang validation exam para macredit ang mga subjects na kinuha mo.

      • lily says:

        Pano po kapag incoming senior na, may chance pa po bang matanggap? Business Administration din po sana ang gusto ko. Alam ko po na konting tumbling na lang gagraduate na ko pero gusto ko po talagang makapag-aral sa UP Diliman at doon tapusin ung course ko.

      • prx777 says:

        Kung incoming senior ka na, hindi na pwede, kasi gusto nila karamihan ng units, taken in UP.

  107. Ren says:

    Hello po. I’m planning to transfer in UPD next year. I’m from another university. Balak ko po sanang mag-apply ng BSBA sa UPD since BSBA rin ang course ko ngayon. Pero, according sa nababasa ko, mahirap magtransfer sa CBA dahil ang tough ng competition and quota rin ang course na iyon. And now, I decided na lang sa BS Economics na lang ako mag-aaply since ito naman ang course na related sa BSBA somehow. Tanong ko lang po, for instance na 1.5 lang po yung GWA ko, malaki po ba ang pag-asa ko makapasok sa UP? Thank you in advance!

    • prx777 says:

      It depends on how high the grades of the other transfer applicants are. Also, based on my observations, mas priority ang transfer na galing din within UP Diliman. Second priority are from other UP campuses. Third priority lang ang from outside UP. Unless uber taas ng grades mo, tagilid ka dyan.

  108. Mona says:

    Knowing UP, sa tingin nyo gano khirap lumipat sa UP College of Business Administration? Accountancy po ang course ko. Mataas po ako sa major ko which accounting pero may problema po ako sa isa kong major which is MATH 2.5 lng po. Sa tingin nyo po ba mkkaapekto un Math grades ko regardless how much i excel in accounting? Strict po ba ang Business sa Math grades? currently 29 units po ang meron ako and next week pa po ang Finals and estimated ko po highest possible grade ko para sa math ay 2.25 po.

    • prx777 says:

      Mahirap talagang mag transfer sa UP College of Business Administration, lalo na kung ang gusto mong lipatan na course ay Business Administration and Accountancy (BAA). Kung Business Administration (BA), mas madali. All your grades count. Kasi pataasan ng average. Unless mataas an mataas ang grade mo, I don’t think makaka-transfer ka sa BAA.

  109. Mona says:

    Nkkaapekto din po ba kung saang university kayo galing? i just read in one of your posts “PRC AND CHED COLLEGE RANKINGS” na nasa listahan ang MSU, which a little far from us, but if you will tell me that going to that school will give me a higher possibility to get into UP Dilliman, I can make some sacrifices. Ano po sa tingin nyo?

    • prx777 says:

      Sa tingin ko, mas malaki ang chance kung galing ka na din sa isang well-respected institution like MSU. Kasi, considered din yan sa deliberation sa pagpili ng student na tatanggapin ng colleges.

  110. leb says:

    Uhm, freshie po ako sa UPD and ngayon ko lang talaga nalaman ‘yung about sa VAAS program, TDT, etc. Masyado akong nahuli sa balita, nyeh. Gusto ko po sanang sumali sa UPVST. Pa’no po ba, lalo na’t magse-second sem na? NO IDEA.😐 Pero super determined talaga ako. I have one problem pa nga po eh. Never kasi akong naging varsity sa swimming nung HS, pero nung mga prep ako (lol), sumasali ako lagi sa swimming competitions, and lagi rin akong may medals na nauuwi. ‘Yun nga lang po, mga 9 years na po yata akong nag-stop sa paglalangoy dahil ayaw ng papa ko. Pero tinry ko pong mag PE2-swimming ngayong college, and I’m happy naman na na-maintain ko pala kahit papa’no ‘yung bilis ko sa ibang strokes, pero ‘yun nga po… posible pa bang sumali sa UPVST, and pa’no?😐 May shifting shifting pa po bang mangyayari? Huhu, no idea talaga. lol.

    • prx777 says:

      Well, enroll ka muna sa PE 2 na swimming. Pwede mong ituloy sa PE3 Swimming (advanced swimming). Kung matagal ka nang out of competition, I don’t think you have what it takes at the moment. Kung magaling ka naman, baka mapansin ka ng instructor at irecommend ka pa. I remember taking a PE2 martial arts course before at nag suggest ang coach ko na lumaban ako sa isang inter-university competition. (I was not interested, however.)

  111. nagisaram says:

    Hi. I just wanna ask kung pwede pa pong kumuha ng TDT kahit hindi po nagtry na kumuha ng UPCAT? Thanks in advance.

  112. casperian says:

    I want to study in UPD or in UPM badly. But I didn’t took UPCAT because I forgot the deadline. I am 2nd year Marketing student from other university and I want to transfer in UPD and pursue Marketing there or Economics. Is is possible that I can transfer in UPD or in UPM without having taken UPCAT but has a grade of 2 or higher from my present school? Please help me! Dream school ko talaga UP.

  113. danceAngel107 says:

    hello..i plan to transfer form my current school to UP Diliman next year and take BA Linguistics.. do i need to have all my subjects 2.00 or higher.. or is it only the average of it?
    also, when will the requirements for next year transferee be announced(or maybe the possible date when it will be announce)? does UP look at which school you came from?
    and does a transferee undergo an exam/interview??

    ps: love your post..:)

  114. Hi Good Morning , makakapag guarantee to transfer po ba ako sa UPD or UPLB kahit na hindi pa po ako nakapag UPCAT , tapos ko na po ung first sem sa Institute na pinapasukan ko po I have a 1.5 GWA kaya lang po 23 units lang yun pero kumukuha na po ako ng other subjects to add tobe able to have a 33 units, ano ano po ba ang requirements para makapag transfer sa UP, should I need to take the UPCAT? Help naman po oh. Thank you so Much.

    • prx777 says:

      Kapag transfer student, hindi na kailangan ng UPCAT. Ang primary consideration ay grades mo at college na pinanggalingan. No guarantee na tatanggapin ka kasi first priority ang mga transfer from within the UP system.

  115. Renzo Baluyot says:

    Pwede po bang magtransfer sa up kahit di ako nakakapagupcat. Tapos 2 year course ako dito sa kinuha kong course pero matataas naman po grades ko, gusto ko sanang magshift sa Archi. Pwede po kaya un?

  116. Angelica says:

    Hi Good Morning po:) , ma guarantee po kaya ako if hindi po ako nakapag take ng UPCAT?, 23 units lang po merun sa Institute na pinapasukan ko pero nag apply na po ako ng additonal sa subject sa Business Administration para ma credit ung 33 units na requirement ng UP, kakatapos lang po ng First sem namin, First year college pa lang po ako and I have 1.5-1.6 GWA ,ano ano po ung general requirements ng UPD or UPLB sa transfer student? Help naman po thank you I hope you`ll reply please

  117. Lana says:


    I’m currently taking up BS Pharmacy in MMSU (Ilocos Norte) and I’m planning to study in a school wherein I can make my family proud. I want to study in UP, Diliman most probably. My average for the 1st semester is 2.5 (because I really don’t like my course). I had two “pasang-awa” grades in Math and Pharmacy (major) which is 3.00. I’m planning to take BS Psychology or Mass Comm. It is just now that I have thought what I really want to take up. I had very prestigious schools in elementary (MMSU-Laboratory Elementary School) and high school (Special Science Class), I had also great performances in my academics. But in my recent first semester, my grades were normal but my Math17 and Pharm subject were bad. And I am willing to study harder this coming second semester for better results. Is there a chance that I can shift from BS Pharmacy to BS Psychology/AB Mass Comm in UP Diliman? A response would really help me. Thanks!

  118. Gayle says:

    Hi. Can I still transfer to UP Diliman even if I have a failing grade this semester? I really want to transfer in UP.

  119. LeeJhen says:

    I just want to ask is there any secondary school in U.P Diliman , i just saw a website that there is a secondary high school ahm UP Diliman Integrated High School ? I just wanna confirm if ever meron nga

  120. Robert Padua says:

    Good day!
    I just want to ask if it is required to take the course associated to College of Fine Arts or College of Music if we take the Talent Determination Test just in case we fail UPCAT or can we still take the course of our choice (e.g. BSBA, IT, HRM etc.) if we pass the TDT?

    • prx777 says:

      I should expect so. Iyan ang kursong kinuha mo so bakit hindi mo kukunin mga subjects na associated sa kanya. Of course, marami sa mga subjects na kukunin sa first year common sa other courses so credited pa din kahit lumipat ka ng course after one year.

  121. Annyeong! I took the UPCAT last Aug. 5, 2012. Nilagay ko po kse ung BS Nursing and BS Biology as my choice courses at sa UP Manila lng po ung nilagay kong campus. Tanong ko lng po kung may quota ung BS Nursing?

    At saka tnong ko rn po kung, if ever hindi ako magqualify sa any of those courses, pwede po ba akong mag-apply for another course in UP Diliman(Bs Linguistics specifically)? Thanks.

    • prx777 says:

      BS Nursing has a quota. Kapag hindi ka nag-qualify, ang alam ko hindi ka makakalipat sa UP Diliman. The last time I checked, hindi sila tumatanggap ng recon. Mas maluwag sa UP Los Banos.

  122. Jonathan says:

    Im just wondering if I could still transfer from any UP campuses? Im an Incoming 3rd year student.. will I be allowed to transfer? all of my grades starting from first year had a GWA of above 2.00

  123. Lee Ji Byun says:

    I took the upcat last aug. 5 this year. Nilagay ko po ung BS Nursing as my first choice and BS Biology as my second choice at lahat po eun ay sa UP Manila. I just wanna ask kung just in case I qualify sa UPCAT(in my choice courses or qualify for UP in general), pwede po bang iswitch/change eung course and campus choice ko? I made a mistake nung hindi po ako nagtry for UP Diliman. I’d like to switch my course into BS Linguistics and ang campus sa UP Diliman.
    Is that possible? Esp. kung mejo matataas nmn ang language proficiency at reading comprehension scores ko sa UPCAT?
    Salamat po. Please reply back😀

    • prx777 says:

      Pwede ka namang lumipat ng UP Diliman after 1 year sa UP Manila. Common first year pa naman so malamang lahat ng subject na kukunin mo sa first year credited sa lilipatan mong course sa UP Diliman. Pero kung gusto mong first year pa lang eh sa UP Diliman na, medyo malabo yon. Kasi recon hindi allowed.

  124. Amir says:

    Good Day!

    Is there a chance to be accepted either in UPD or UPM? I was a former student from MSU-Main who took up BSBA Marketing. Seriously, I earned more than 33 units where I look for possibility to be accepted. However, I had INCs when I got in Manila. I failed to comply the requirements in some of my subs. And there were failing grades during my first year. I’ll hope to enroll in my options listed: AB Psy, AB Polscie or BSBA Marketing. Most of profs were product of UP.

    • prx777 says:

      Failing grades certainly will make the transfer extremely difficult. But of course, the difficulty level depends on the course you want to transfer to. The rumor is that the UP College of Public Administration needs more students so they are likely to relax some requirements.

  125. shoji wakai says:

    hi im a japanese guy , 19 years old ,
    here is what i wanna ask u
    if u know , could u tell me how i can enter in up baguio?
    do i need take a entrance exam?
    or i need take a eng training or sth like that ?
    anyway plz tell me whatever u know

    • prx777 says:

      You can take just take the American SAT and the TOEFL test. There are alternatives to the SAT however.

      Here are the requirements for foreign nationals:

      completion of high school program in the country where he had his secondary education (including the completion of a one- or two-year pre-university education in a country where such is a prerequisite for admission to a bachelor’s degree program)
      qualifying in a college-qualifying national or international foreign-administered examination such as General Certificate of Education (GCE) Examination and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or equivalent examination:
      GCE: 3 ordinary level passes and 2 advanced level passes
      SAT: minimum total score of 1200 (Math and Critical Reading Only)
      International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma
      in the case of an applicant whose native language or whose medium of instruction in the secondary school is not English, a minimum score (500 if paper based or 173 if computer based) in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

  126. Jasper says:

    i want to ask kung may chance ako na maka transfer sa UP-social science courses,
    ang gwa ko po ay range from 2.1 something.galing po akung bicol university college of engineering ang mga math subjects ko po ang nakakapababa pero in phil history 1.0 po ako.
    ilan po ang percentage ng chance ko in admission in UP nxt year.
    incoming 3rd year po ako.
    TNX PO.

  127. Jasper says:

    ask ko lng po whether in what course and UP campus easy for application and admission.
    tnx po for your reply.

    • prx777 says:

      That depends on the supply ng slots and the number of applicants. There was a time when it was easy to transfer to Education. Now, more recent graduates tell me it is Public Administration. (Base lang yan sa mga UP grad na hinire ko sa trabaho or nakapasok sa company na pinapasukan ko.) I think yung course na Community Development mas madali din dahil bihira naman gustong lumipat sa kursong yon. Mentras mas maraming applicants for transfer vs available slots, mas mahirap kasi mas maraming kakumpetensya.

      • jasper says:

        makaka apply ba ako kahit na gwa ko 2.1? for transfer?ok na sa akin ang community development

      • prx777 says:

        Marami na akong naka-transfer sa ibang course sa UP na mas mababa pa ang grade sa 2.5. Pero sa galing sa labas ng UP system, wala pa akong alam. No harm in trying though.

  128. Vincent says:

    Hi! I’m graduating as an Assoc. in Computer Science this sem. I need to know if I could “transfer” (though i already graduated by then) since I wanted to study there. I heard that UP accepts graduates from assoc. and treats them as transferees if they enroll. Is it true that I could actually transfer there in UPd? Btw, one more question. Since the applicants are chosen by their GWAs, do you think a 1.6 – 1.7 could get me a 50% chance of success?

    • prx777 says:

      Applicants are chosen not only based on GWAs but also based on where they got those GWAs, based on what I understand. Kung highly competitive and college na pinasukan mo at mataas pa din grades mo, you have a good chance of getting accepted. Depende kasi sa school kung madali o mahirap kumuha ng mataas na grades. Saka first priority pa din ang galing sa loob ng UP system. (I suggest that you visit UP- Comp Sci and ask the same question sa faculty doon.)

      • Vincent says:

        Woah, I’m from Asian Institute of Computer Studies kasi. So I’m guessing medyo malabo nga. Haha

  129. Amir says:

    Thanks a lot for urgent response. You’ve said that there might be a chance to be accepted in Public Admin. I only desired to enroll at UPD or UPM. As what I previously mentioned that I got failing grades during my first year from my previous school, specifically Mindanao State University Main. I still hope that my school will be considered by UP system as standard in terms of education which I look up for possibility to enroll this coming sem at UP. If possible, can you help me out to know whether my grades will be accepted by the said school? Much better to PM me.

  130. Haneul says:

    Hi, I’m from Bulacan State University, currently taking Masscommunication(Broadcasting). My second choice was Psychology, and I now regret that I didn’t take it as my first. I want to transfer to UP Baguio to take Psychology. My average is 1.61. Will I be able to enter UP Baguio?

  131. Patrick says:

    Alive pa po ba ang forum na ito??

    I’m a Pharmacy Student from a school in davao. I am very much interested in transferring in UP Manila with same course. Dean’s List naman po ako sa current school ko. I would like to ask if ano po ang GWA ang pagbabasehan ng UP? Yung GWA sa first sem o second sem? or kukunin pa ang average ng both.?

  132. artist1o1 says:

    Hello! architecture student po ako😀. Nakumpleto ko na yung isa sa mga requirements ng UP na 33 academic units, kaso d ko talaga makuha yung grade na 2.0. Medyo mahirap din kasi makuha yung ganung grade, saka mababa rin yung math ko( yung iba nabagsak ko pa😀 ). Pero pag dating naman sa Art, go ako dun😀.
    Gusto ko sana mag simula muna sa fine arts sa UP diliman (d kase tanggap yung grade ko sa college of architecture nila) kaso nung tinignan ko yung ilan sa requirements nila, 2.0 din ang kailangan. Nakadepende ba talaga sa TDT yung pag accept nila sa mga trasferee o kailangan din talaga na 2.0 ang grade mo?

    • prx777 says:

      Kung transfer student ka, ang alam ko automatically disqualified ka from applying via TDT kung below 2.0 ang grades mo. May university-wide kasi na transfer policy. Pero it is better that you confirm that from UP, kasi I do not represent UP. UP grad lang ako.

      • artist1o1 says:

        pahabol lang ah, grabe nakakapagod! haha! mali mali pa yung turo ng ibang guard kung saan yung building na tinatanong ko, haha! peace tayo mga guard😀
        gusto ko talaga makapasok sa UP grrr..UP pa rin talaga ang tinitibok ng puso ko (kahit pa maganda yung school na pinapasukan ko).. kahit industrial design muna sabay architecture pagkatapos….hehe, magandang combination yun😀
        kung ginalingan ko lang sana nung highschool pa lng >.<
        bakit kasi saka ka lng pumasok sa isip ko UP kung kailan nag 4th year highschool na ako grrrr….

  133. Nica says:

    Hello ! I’m planning to apply a transfer to UP Diliman next academic year. Is it possible po ba to apply to transfer kahit na may summer class sa current outside school na pinapasukan mo?

  134. Nica says:

    Ano pa po ba ang mga business related course sa UPD aside from BSBAA and BSBA?

  135. lachrymose says:

    My GWA is 2.8125 (4 being the highest), qualified po ba ako mag transfer sa UPLB? In our school 2.5 = 85 – 88, 3.0 = 89 – 92. Thank you!

  136. anonymous says:

    2nd year marketing na po ako at 1.98 gwa ko nung first sem may pagasa pa po ba ako na makapagtransfer sa up diliman? gusto ko po sana marketing din kunin ko in case na makapagtransfer ako.

    • prx777 says:

      Maraming factors to consider. Halimbawa, grade point average mo -to date, hindi isang sem lang. Saka school na pinapasukan mo, at kung gaano kagaling ibang applicants na makakasabay mo.

  137. xenia says:

    Hi I am a filipino-american citizen, and I am thinking of transferring to UPD or UP baguio. I am currently in school-pero hindi pa ko matatapos until july/summer.
    So the problem about transferring is that- I am in college taking my phebotomy certificate/ not a degree. And according to UPCAT, you have to be a senior in HS-about to graduate, and you can’t also qualify if you have previously taken a college course (something like that).

    -I do qualify for the Units requirements though, to have at least 33 units acquired from a uni.
    So i think by the time I finish my certificate I’ll proli have more or less 40-50 US credits.

    If anyone can give me any info. I’ll really appreciate it- Salamat po ^_^

    In addition, even if they do say that I have to take the UPCAT- I won’t be able to because, first I have to go home- there in PI which can costs me. Then what if I don’t qualify, all the efforts are gone……(I’ll still be happy though, cause I haven’t visited for at least 8 0r 9 years, I feel home sick thinking about all this stuff).

    Also, thanks to your article (which is brilliant by the way) I came up with a couple of plans to get in to UP (if it can work):
    So my first choice in major is Biology- but I heard that they don’t accept transfers, so I am still undecide on what I really really really want.
    So anyway if I don’t pass for the UPCAT (if its required for me to be accepted) then maybe I could do Dance- I love dancing (but what major is Dancing in the Philippines? I heard it has to be under theater majors (I dont know how to act).
    I can put fine arts or multimedia arts if they have emm….. (I saw in your article that you need to also audition for this; but how do you do that? do I have to draw or paint in front of the judges? cause here in US you just have to send them at least 10 to 15 pieces of your own art work, for it to be evaluated).
    So one more question can I declare that my first choice is Biology/any Science majors/ PreMed (just taught about this as I’m typing) and my second choice Dance and last my third choice is fine arts or multimedia arts.

    P.S. if anyone can give me advice on this matters I’ll really appreciate it (even if you just comment on it on what you think about my plans: if its going to work or not.
    I just want to go back home cause I miss home, I want to experience college there, and most of all I can’t really afford college here in US. ( I already owe so much money in my student loans😦 I dont wan to add more ).

    *Also, if you tell me to just call them- I already did. Its as if they don’t really want to talk to me, most of the info. they are saying are already online, they’re really not answering my questions: what GWA or GPA do I need to be qualified. Is a D or a 65-66 percent, GWA of 2.75-2.66, GPA of 1.00 a failure in the Philippines (cause I have one, which is Chemistry II).

  138. Rouge says:

    Hello po! gusto ko po sana na magtransfer sa UP Diliman either Chem. eng or Mech. eng. Bale, freshman po ko ngayon from other UP unit , BS Chem.eng. Totoo po ba na hindi nag- aaccept ang up diliman chem. eng ng transferee. At paano po ba ang mga process, at kailan ko po ba malalaman ang result if accepted po ako or not.

  139. Hello! I want to ask if it’s possible to go back to UP. I already spent 2 years in UP Tacloban but decided to transfer to another school. For health reasons, my mom wants me to come home and study in the city. I completed (well, almost since the sem’s not yet over) 1 year in my new school and I don’t think I have completed 33 units for the UP transfer requirement.

    • prx777 says:

      Total units mo naman kasali sa UP over 33 na. Para ka na uling lilipat. Tingnan mo grades mo sa UP dati saka yung grades mo sa current school mo. Kung mataas ang average, mas madali kang makakabalik. Matagal na akong wala sa UP. Since galing ka ng UP, sigurado marami kang mapagtatanungan na mas fresh ang info.

  140. Gyzelle says:

    Hello po! I just want to ask if nagma-matter po ba yung standard ng school when accepting UP transferees?? I want to transfer in UP Manila po with BS Public Health, pero first time po ng current school ko mag-offer nitong course.. may possibility po ba na matanggap ako? malalaki naman po grades ko sa current school ko,

  141. aaron morales says:

    Good Evening!
    just want to ask if what is the passing grade in applied phsychology at UP pampanga campus?

    • prx777 says:

      I’m not sure what you mean. All over UP, the passing grade for subjects is a grade of 3.0. As for passing the entrance exam, that varies every year, and you can ask about that. As for transfer, the rule all over UP is you have to get at least an 85% or 2.0 average before you even get considered.

  142. Adrian De Guzman says:

    Hello! ahmm medyo weird po yung case ko kasi. nung first two years ko sa UST po ako nag aral then lumipat po ako ng AdU now. (Course na Ab Communication) (financial problems) tapos po ngayon napag decide ko na mag transfer naman po sa UPD (Speech Comm). eh sa AdU po ang GWA ko last sem was 1.59 tapos po possible GWA na makuha ko ngayon eh 1.70. ang question ko po is diba kasi 33 units ang ma ccredit. so pwede ko po ba ipa credit lang yung subjects taken ko sa AdU (malaking chance na makalipat dahil hindi mag hit 2.0+ grades ko) at pwedeng hindi na isama yung sa UST (medyo mababa din kasi GWA ko po dun eh). thank youuu!:)

  143. Lev says:

    Good day. I am currently an arki student in Baguio. I am a graduate of a scihigh in Metro Manila at sobrang panghihinayang ko na ndi nag aral mabuti nung HS to get into the arki program (i was accepted in the BS Industrial Pharm in UPM though-probably due to my high science scores in UPCAT) anyway, im an incoming 4th year pero i rili nid to go back to manila kasi magrerelocate uli ang family ko. i want to be a UP grad in arki. makecredit po ba mga subjects ko? i dont want to redo all those again lalo na po sa arki sobrang puyatan para lang makapasa sa isang subject. sa pagkakaalam nio po ano ba un tintwag na validation test? bababa po tlg ako ng manila sometime in april to inquire about the transfer but in the meantime i would gladly appreciate any help on this marami pong salamat!

    • prx777 says:

      Kung matatanggap ka sa UP campus na lilipatan mo and then ang adviser mo ang mag-eevaluate kung equivalent na ang subjects mo sa subjects ng course na lilipatan mo. Kung lilipat ka ng course tingnan mo kung aling subjects ang kapareho sa nakuha mo nang course. Saka tingnan mo din kung makalulusot ang iba as electives.

  144. dame says:

    hello po. actually nakapasa po ako sa UPCAT but ung campus na napasukan ko is UP CEBU. pwde po bang magtanong if i still have the chance to get in UPLB if mag apply ako ng reconsideration before ako mag pa enroll sa upcebu? pero pag hndi po ba, may chance paba din bang maka transfer sa UPD/UPLB pag nagstay ako for a year sa UPCEBU?

    • prx777 says:

      Yes pwede ka nang pumunta sa UPLB for recon. Pwede din ang second option. Stay ka one year sa UP Cebu. Make sure lang na kaya mo grade requirements at no. of units na required para makalipat.

  145. Bart Monton says:

    Hello po,bkit po hindi ko nakuha yong first choice ko na Accountancy.Second Choice ang napili nila pra sa akin.Pwede pa po bang mag change ng course?

    • prx777 says:

      Ibig sabihin, hindi umabot ang UPG mo (computed base sa grade at UPCAT score) sa cut-off ng Accounting. Pero dahil umabot naman ang UPG mo sa second choice mo na course, doon ka pinapasok. Pwede ka din naman lumipat ng course after one year, basta umabot ka sa grade at number of units na required.

  146. Anon says:

    Tanong ko lang po, pasado ako sa fine arts ng UP Baguio pero magtatry ako mag TDT sa UP Diliman (di ako nakapasa dito). Upcat qualifier din po ba ichecheck ko sa application form ko? Tsaka hiwalay din po ba ang TDT ng dalawang campus? Salamat!

    • prx777 says:

      Well, UPCAT qualifier ka naman talaga, hindi lang sa UP Diliman campus. I think the TDT of UP Diliman is different. Please contact them if they have a tie-up with UP Baguio.

  147. Curious says:

    Hey! I just want to know if you know anybody who didn’t really do well in High School but still passed UP? I mean, I am currently a third year student and we’re already starting to gather important documents for college applications. I am just sort of worried if I have a chance to pass UP or at least Ateneo, La Salle and UST.

    I mean, I know it’s my fault that I didn’t really take High School seriously (You don’t have to remind me that it’s my fault. I am aware of that :D) I’m just wondering if there’s still a chance? Just to let you know, I had summer classes for Science in the past year. I don’t really think I am stupid. I was just lazy. But anyway, going back to my earlier concern, do you know anyone who didn’t have good grades but still passed?

    Oh and additional question… does UP have a cut off grade for high school? As in if you had a line of 7, then they’re not going to admit you despite how high your UPCAT result would be or is there none of that?

    • prx777 says:

      Yes, in fact I do. My sister was not among the top 50 students in her graduating class of around 240 students, but she qualified and graduated from UP none the less. If you are from a top high school, you could be at the bottom quarter of your graduating class and still qualify.

      UP does not have a cut-off for high school, but you’ll have to score much higher in the UPCAT to qualify for UP if your grade point average is low.
      But I guess you already knew that. Also, a lot of high school valedictorians fail to qualify for UP each year because of poor UPCAT scores.

  148. Curious says:

    Also, I am really good in a certain subject wherein I always get an A so I am just wondering if for example, it’s English Language that I am high in and I apply for a course related to English but then my grades in Science are low, do they still look into that and reconsider that maybe a student may be good in a certain subject? Does it affect whether or not they will pass you?

    • prx777 says:

      Your scores in all areas matter because you need to qualify for entry into the campus first. Of course, the particular college where your course is may then impose additional requirements. For example, the College of Engineering might require a minimum of 90 in Mathematics in the UPCAT.

  149. Karl Christopher Cristobal says:

    Hi po. Itatanong ko lang kung kelan pwede magpareconsider. Kailangan na po ba nung letter of rejection(di ko alam tawag e) na manggagaling sa UP? Kasi meron ako ng non-qualifier’s slip na kinuha ko sa UP Diliman. Pwede na kaya yun? Baka po kasi pumunta ako sa Tuesday, baka magsayang lang ako ng pera sa pagpunta kung di rin ako papansinin.

  150. Juan Dela Cruz says:

    Hello! My son qualified for UPLB. Is there any chance he’ll be accommodated in UPD, say for example in courses that have very few passers (BA Filipino, BA Art Studies)? Have you heard of anyone who has successfully done this in the past? Thanks.

  151. Myco says:

    Kelan po ba pwedeng mag-inquire ng transfer sa UPM?? I’m from cebu po kasi and mahirap po kung luluwas ako ng maynila ng hindi pa pala nagsa-start or natapos na ang transfer inquiry.. and also, i haven’t passed my deficient requirement last year, will they still accept if I pass it? di ko pa po alam kasi real total UPG score ko eh but the partial scores are above average naman.. lowest ko is 80 in reading comprehension. Tingin ko kasi high school grades ang nagpabagsak sakin. Hope you can help..

  152. Christine Corpus says:

    Hello! I would like to ak if it is true that you cannot ask for a reconsideration if your average grade per subject in high school (4th year) is/are less than 85? I would really like to apply for recon, but my average in one subject (elective) is lower than 85 (82), and it kinda troubles me. I hope you could answer my question. Thank you very much.

    • prx777 says:

      Ask the particular college where you will apply for recon. Each UP college can set its own “unique” additional qualifiers.

  153. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I’m an incoming 4th year student and I’m planning to take the UPCAT. Kapag hindi po pumasa sa first choice, makakapasok ka padin sa UP by means of your second choice?

    What if po nakapasa ka both sa 1st and 2nd choices mo.. do you have the option to choose between them, or automatically sa 1st choice ka na agad mapupunta? Thank you.

    • prx777 says:

      Yes, sa 2nd choice ka mapupunta kung pasado sa sa 2nd choice pero bagsak ka sa first choice Kung pumasa ka sa first choice mo, doon ka automatically mapupunta. Anyway, if after one year, hindi mo na gusto course mo, makakalipat ka naman. Common subjects naman halos lahat sa first year, so credited iyon kahit lumipat ka.

  154. jaz says:

    hi i just want to ask. pano kung yung hndi na meet yung 2 na gwa? can I still enter the university through the talent determination test? im good in drawing but yung problem ko lang is the gwa.

  155. anonymous says:

    gusto ko lang po talaga makasigurado, “Depending on the degree program, the GWA requirement can be at least 1.5 or 1.75 or 2.0 for all the collegiate academic units taken outside of UP” ano po ibig sabihin niyan? gwa every sem? what if kung gwa ko nung 1st year eh 2.29 at 2.39 at ngayong 2nd year eh 1.99 at 1.90, matatanggap pa kaya ako sa pagtransfer?

    • Kat says:

      Hi, I was a transferee just this school year 2012-2013 and this site helped me a lot so I’ll do some commenting for aspiring transferees like you.:)

      GWA is your overall standing, meaning it includes both your first and second year GPAs. It literally means General Weighted Average. I am not sure if you’ll be considered? Just make sure you’re GWA reaches at least 2.0 and you have a chance. Note though that UP’s grading system may be different from your school’s grading system. There might be changes once they get your application. Good luck!

  156. rei says:

    Hi sir! I’m currently based in the US as an interface design student at University of Hawaii. To be honest, I’m not very confident about taking the UPCAT and the TDT is definitely my first option for applying as a transferee. I have a pretty solid portfolio and my grades are consistently in the honors list also. I’m just wondering how picky UPD is when it comes to international students?

    • prx777 says:

      University of Hawaii is a recognized institution. I think they would consider you if your grades are good enough.

  157. ELJ says:

    Hello po, I got a UPG of 2.516. Can I still file a recon for UPM? Thank youu!

  158. James says:

    My UPG is 2.889. Can I still apply for reconsideration?

    • prx777 says:

      Checking the last couple of years, I have not heard of any UP campus that has accepted a student with a UPG lower than 2.8. In fact, even at the 2.7 range, only UPLB would have been your only choice. You can still ask the registrar, but I doubt you have a chance.

  159. Anon says:

    Hello po! Gusto ko lang pong magtanong kung pwede po ba magparecon sa UPLB kahit hindi po siya yung nakalagay sa choices ko (UPM AND UPD) UP og 2.568?? Salamat po..

    • prx777 says:

      While recon cut-offs in UPM may differ year by year, I doubt it goes down to 2.57. You will need to check with the registrar on that. Tough luck for you.

  160. Anonnn says:

    hello po. Hindi po ako nakapasa sa UPD and UPM, but my UPG is within the cut off for UPLB and UPB. Pwede po kaya ako magparecon?
    Eto po yung UPCAT score ko:
    Lang: 92
    Reading: 74
    Math and Science: <40 (mababa po.)

    at yung UPG ko po ay 2.569

    May possibilities po ba na matanggap yung recon ko?

    • prx777 says:

      The guide for reconsideration in UP Los Banos says you need to have selected UPLB among your choices. Tough luck for you. As for UPB, you need to check with them.

  161. Jean says:

    Hi! My UPG is 2.584 and we will go tomorrow at UPLB for reconsideration. Can you please tell me what do I need to bring besides my UPG grade (with the sub test)? And is a letter for reconsideration really necessary? I hope to get a reply from you soon! THANK YOU! =)))

    • prx777 says:

      Sorry, for the late reply, but bihira ko nang buksan ang blog site ko. Normally, ang final say ng recon ay college unit based. Kung gusto nila, pwedeng by interview or by exam ang screening ng mga nagpapa reconsideration. Maraming posibilidad.
      Disclaimer: Hindi ako connected to UP, except as an alumnus.

  162. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Katatapos ko lang ng bachelor’s degree sa isang unibersidad pero hindi rin naman kagandahan ang mga marka ko dahil nauurat lang ako sa ginagawa ko. Hindi rin umabot sa quota ang GWA ko sa UPCAT noon. Kinokonsider ko at gusto ko pa ring pumasok sa UP. Balak kong magsecond degree o kaya nama’y mag-MA kaso mukhang ipapahamak ako nitong TOR ko. Hehe.

    Posible bang huwag ko na lang i-disclose na ako ay tapos na sa isang degree at sa halip e gamitin ko na lang ang aking HS diploma? Ganoon kasi ang ginawa ng kaibigan kong tamad (hindi nga lang sa UP). O may konsiderasyon ba silang ginagawa para sa mga degree holder?

    Balak kong mag Open U at lumipat sa Diliman kung papalarin. Kailangan ko na kasing magtrabaho muna nang makapag-ipon para sa tuition.

    • prx777 says:

      Not advisable na gamitin mo ang HS diploma mo. Kung sa Open U, check the requirements for the course you want to take. Ang alam ko, they also look at your TOR.

  163. jasper says:

    what if 2.0 gwa is different the value in other university?

    • prx777 says:

      May adjustments na ginagawa ang UP kung iba ang grading system ng pinanggalingan mong university. For example, kung galing ka ng La Salle, may conversion sila sa grade mo.

  164. layks says:

    Hello!:) I’m a freshie BIO student from another university. But I really want to pursue my dream to study in UP. I’m just an average student, not even a DL. But my GWA for the last 2 sems are around 1.7-1.9 something. Is there any possibility that I would make it if I plan to transfer to UP?
    Thanks in Advance! Godbess.^^

    • prx777 says:

      Kung lusot ka sa requirements, ibig sabihin, pwede kang tanggapin, pero pwede ding hindi. Malalaman mo lang yan kung mag aaply ka.

    • Kat says:

      Don’t let yourself feel that you are not UP worthy. Not everyone in UP is very intelligent (like what most people think) nor are they close to it. I think the thing with UP students is they’re really determined and diligent. If you possess such qualities and are willing to go the extra mile to study in your dream school, go!:)

  165. Juan says:

    Hello! I’m from UST College of Architecture. Gusto ko talagang pumasok sa UP Diliman in the same course because mura ang tuition, walang summer class sa curriculum, magaling daw sa theoretical aspects in design, competitive ang mga taga-UP, at pde rin akong makakuha ng iba ideas from UP. I know na maganda rin ang arki sa UST but namamahalan talaga ako sa tuition lalo na at magastos din ang arki, tsaka naaawa ako sa parents ko kasi madami rin kaming mga pinagaaral nila sa mga private schools.
    But nagdadalawang isip pa akong lumipat kasi nga may summer ang curriculum namin sa USTe. Tanong ko lang kung malaki ba ang possibility na makapasok ako? I’m confident that I have a GWA better than 2.0. the only thing is pag di ako nakapasa sa transferring in UP, magiging irregular ako sa UST. Pag nangyari yon baka madisappoint ang parents ko, isa rin kasi ako sa inaasahan nila. Tsaka Ayoko rin kasi talaga yung nagsusugal lalo na kung about studies. thanks! =) =D

    • prx777 says:

      Hindi ko masasabi kung ano ang tyansa mong makapasok. Pwede naman na mag take ka ng summer class kahit na nag-aaply ka na sa UP.

      • Juan says:

        akala ko po di pwede kasi yun yung nakasulat sa Word Document na dinownload ko sa net. but anyway.=) thanks~

    • Kat says:

      If you are confident enough that your talent in drawing will amaze colleagues and critiques alike, go try! For archi you’ll only have to undergo an interview and attend an orientation. Do very well in the interview and show them your willingness to pursue further studies in architecture in UP because of the things you have mentioned above, and you might as well get accepted! It’s a big risk though, you’ll really have to take a leap of faith and believe you’ll make it. If you’re not brave enough, then stay in UST.

      I just think that it’s worth trying. Take it from me, I was a transferee just this school year 2012-2013. Very much worth it because UP education is indeed different.:)

      • John says:

        Salamat Po! hehe. May question pa po ako,. Deretso po ba agad sa interview after ibigay ang ibang requirements sa college?

      • prx777 says:

        Ang alam ko may schedule pa ‘yan. (Of course, depende iyan sa college na pag-aaplayan mo.)

  166. Juan says:

    Ay. sorry iba pala topic =/ mali pala nasendan ko ng question.. sorry =( (^^)\/

  167. nana says:

    may possibility pa bang makapasok ako sa UPLB kahit na 2.9 lang ang UPG ko sa UPCAT?
    ung papasok po ng second sem

    • prx777 says:

      Yes. Mag-enroll ka sa ibang school. If after one year in that school, may 33 units ka na credited at a grade higher than 2.0, pwede kang mag-apply for transfer. Huwag ka nang mag-apply for recon.

  168. anonymous says:

    Ngayong 2nd year po ako ung grade ko nung first sem eh 1.99 at 1.65 nung 2nd sem. Tapos nung first year po ako ay 2.39 at 2.29. Pwede pa po ba ako magtransfer sa UPD ng Business Ad? Gusto ko na po sanang kumuha ng application form at magrerequest na po sana ako ng grade slip.

    • Kat says:

      Hi, I was a transferee just this school year 2012-2013 and this site helped me a lot so I’ll do some commenting for aspiring transferees like you.:)

      What’s your overall GWA? Have you computed it? Your 2nd year GPAs are high enough, I believe. You have to check with the OUR’s website what the required GWA is for transferring to BA. Check, too, if they require other things (like maybe Math 17 equivalent and taking an interview/exam).

      • anonymous says:

        awwwww. nabasa ko sa our, di daw sila nagaaccept ng transferee sa bsba pero sa bsba with accountancy kailangan 1.5 ung gwa tapos 5 slots lang.😦 sobrang sakit.😦

      • anonymous says:

        thanks po pala.😉

      • Nel says:

        HI po Ms. Kat, what course niyo? and what was ur UPG befor you transferred to UP?? Please reply po baka sakaling ma-inspire ako at ituloy ang pagtransfer ko sa UP before April ends..

  169. Updupdupd says:

    Hi. I’m planning to transfer to UPD and have completed 2 years from another university. I have a GWA lower than 2. Is there a way I can still qualify? Perhaps the score of the entrance exam or requirements of the course (like a 2.0 ave. in a certain subject)? Or is the GWA the ultimate measure of being qualified?

    • prx777 says:

      The 2.0 is a basic requirement for transferring to a degree course. Depending on the college unit, the grade requirement may even be higher, but not lower.

    • Kat says:

      You still have a chance if and only if your 2 doesn’t exceed .2+++. You can still try, but the chance isn’t high. When you pass your application form people from OUR will recompute your GWA based on the university’s grading system. Basically what I’m saying is there’s a chance that your current GWA will go higher — or lower — depending on the equivalent of your grades to UP’s.

      Try still, but don’t expect.

  170. Hi There😀 ang UPG ko po ay 2.09 at gusto ko pong lumipat sa UP Diliman. Posible po ba na makalipat ako ng course na Broadcast Communication ?

    • prx777 says:

      Sa pagkakaalam ko hindi. Pero may reader sa blog na ito nagsabing posible daw ang mga below 2.0 ang grado. Tanungin mo na lang sa kanya.

    • Kat says:

      UPG as in yung sa UPCAT? Kung GWA yan as in from another university GWA, para mag BC dapat 1.75 GWA or higher.

  171. Ren says:

    I’m planning to transfer UPD this sem. My GWA for two sems are both 1.55 (kasama NSTP at PE sa computation). I’m currently a BSBA student from another university, a state university. Mahina ang chance ko sa makapasok sa CBA, so I’m planning to take BS Econ. Wala pa akong other courses. I might considering BA Public Ad. and BS Sociology. Hindi naman po silang strict sa grades di ba? Thanks for answering.

    • Kat says:

      Don’t include PE, NSTP, and theology subjects in your GWA computation. Your grades will of course be considered, but I think it’s really in your performance in the exams or interviews that truly matter. They have to see you’re really deserving.

      • Ren says:

        Sa grade slip computation po ng school, they really include the NSTP and PE. If they will not be included, my GWA will be 1.49-1.47. Siguro sila na lang po ang bahala magconvert into their system. Thanks po pala sa pagsagot.

  172. Anonymous says:

    Hello po! I’m planning to transfer in UP Diliman from other university and my GWA is 1.55. Mataas po ba ung possibility ko na maaccept? Then, about dun po sa exam, may idea po ba kau kung anong klaseng exam ung ibibigay. For example i apply to BA History, ung exam po ba is pure history or random (may math, english, science etc..)? And last po, if ever po na maaccept, may macecredit po ba sa akin or balik 1st year po ako uli? Tnx po:)

    • prx777 says:

      Depende yan sa kolehiyo na lilipatan mo. Commonly, kailangan mong kumuha ng exam para ma-credit ang mga subject na nakuha mo sa ibang university. Halimbawa, kukuha ka ng exam sa Chemistry para ma-credit ang chemistry subject na kinuha mo. Pero ang pakataran talaga depende na sa kolehiyo na lilipatan mo sa UP.

      • Kurt Lee says:

        Hi Dennis, I’m a college undergrad and Im thinking of going back to school & enroll in UPD as a freshman. How do i go about applying without the need to carry out my earned units back in my previous university?
        A.) can i take upcat since ive never really taken the exam back in HS.
        B.) Will I still be allowed to take upcat even if ive already been to college?

        Your response is highly appreciated. Thanks!

      • prx777 says:

        You cannot take the UPCAT anymore. You will have to apply as a transfer student and they will check your grades in college to see if you qualify. (A grade of 2.0 or higher, 33 units or more taken.

    • Kat says:

      The result of your exam/interview will have greater bearing than your grades, because it’s through it that they’ll know how “excellent” you really are. The exam depends on the course you’re applying for. If in History there’s an exam you’re required to take, then the exam will be about history almost strictly. Don’t belittle the exams, they’re really difficult. I’m saying this based from experience.

  173. Lee says:

    Hello po

  174. Anonymous says:

    Hello Po :)) Di na po ba mag – aacept ng students ang mga up campuses for School year 2013-2014?

  175. Bert says:

    Hello po, gusto ko po mag-transfer sa UPD.20 units po ung nakuha ko nung 1st sem and 20 units din nung 2nd sem, so overall 40 lahat. So pwede na po ba un, I heard po kasi 33 CREDIT UNITS AND 33 UNITS EQUIVALENT TO UP COURSES. What does it mean. Thanks!

  176. abcdebbie says:

    Hello po, may plano po kasi mag transfer yung friend ko sa UPLB and 2.02 po yung GWA niya [from Non UP State University]. Balak po sana niya BS Bio. Maliit po ba ang chance? or should he take other course nalang po such as Nutri/Human Eco/Com arts? Thanks po.

  177. Allana Capa says:

    Hi:) I want to transfer sa UPLB College of DevCom. Actually, nagpasa na ako ng Application Form ko kanina lang. My GWA is 1.64 without my PE subjects. Ilang percentage po kaya na makapasok ako? And May exam po ba yun or interview lang po? Please reply po, I’m really pressured and at the same time nervous. Maraming Salamat!:)

    • prx777 says:

      Check the UP College unit you are applying to. Interviews and exams may be used to screen applicants, but that depends on the college.

  178. Benedict Santos says:

    Hi! I just submitted my application both in UP-D and UP-M, I’m from Adamson, PolSci student, 2nd year na ako, and 77 acad units na ang na-earn ko, my GWA’s 1.70. Sa UP DIliman ang choices ko ay 1. BS Statistics, 2. BA Speech Communication, 3. BA Community Development sa UP Manila naman ay BA Development studies and BA Behavioral Science. Medyo malaki ba ang chance ko na makapasa sa mga choices ko sa Diliman and Manila? Ano kaya ang mga possible questions para sa interview sa mga program na inapplyan ko? Pero gusto ko talagang makapasa sa Stat, yun na talaga ang gusto kong kuhanin eh, sa AdU 2 lang yung math sa program ko, Algebra and Basic Stat, yung Algeb ko ay 3.00 and yung BS Stat ko ay 1.25, malaki kaya yung chance ko na makapasa kahit na 3.00 yung Algeb ko kasi 1.25 naman ang basic stat ko and sabi ng OUR ang requirement lang ng School of Stat ay basta walang failing grades sa math subjects. What do you think po? Tsaka kung may iba pa po kayong tips and advice, kinakabahan po talaga ako eh. Salamat po in advance. God bless.:)

    • Benedict Santos says:

      Basic Stat*
      Tsaka nga po pala may interview din for BS Stat, ano po kaya ang mga possible questions nila? Salamat po. God bless.:)

    • prx777 says:

      My tip, reherse for possible interview questions. Example: Can you tell us something about yourself? Why do you want to transfer to UP? Why are you interested in taking this course? Do you think you will be a asset to UP if you enter the university? Why? What are your study habits? What are your personal interests? Think up as many questions as you can and practice answering them in front of a mirror. Don’t worry about your grades anymore. Just make sure you leave a good impression so that the interviewer will remember you in a good way.

  179. joshua says:

    Good day! Ask ko lang po on how to transfer to UP Diliman? I’am planning to take BA Theater Arts po. My GWA from my previous school is 1.6 po. And lastly, pano po pag ang ipapasa ay TOR? yun po yung ginawa kong substitute for the TCG. Cause my school don’t have TCG, they only have is TOR po. Salamt in advance po! God bless!:)

  180. Pain says:

    Hi. Im planning to transfer to UPD. I have few questions and kindly reply thanks.
    1. Does the date of submission of forms etc affect the chances of being accepted? (I will submit the form on april 30 which is the deadline.)
    2. I have a GWA of 1.27. What courses should I write in the form 3? I really wanted BAA but one of their requiremnts is that a student must be from ched level 4 schools. Im thinking of economics, chemistry, and mat. eng’g. After one year, im planning to transfer again to BAA.
    3. Is PE included in computation of GWA for an aspiring transferee student? I got 2.5 in PE in 2nd sem and it would really affect my GWA if it is included.
    4. Should I both write BS Economics and BS Business Economics in the form? Or one of it only? Im thinking of maybe they will recommend me to the eco course which I did not write in the form if I failed what I wrote. Since both of these are from the same college.
    Please reply ASAP. Thank you! God bless.:)

    • prx777 says:

      I sometimes don’t open my blog for several weeks. Asking me to reply ASAP will not work.
      Anyway, my reply would be useless by now. But the answers should be obvious –e.g. hindi kasali grade sa PE, kung hindi level 4 wag mong isulat, etc.
      Pero sa taas nga ng grade mo baka tanggapin ka agad sa BAA.

  181. Bimby says:

    Hello po! Does UP always entertain Transfer applicants in those course na pwedeng magtransfer? I mean, would they make you feel na may chance ka pa or would they automatically close you out?

  182. Nineng says:

    Mine’s different: dati na akong taga UP since 2006 at hindi ko pa tapos. Nagtatrabaho na ako at ngayon balak kong lumipat sa PUP Open. Kung matapos ko man ang kurso ko sa PUP, puwede pa ba akong bumalik at ma-charge for tuition the same with what I had in 2006 which was around 6,500 per 18 units? Gusto ko kasing i-earn pareho.

  183. Aldrich Pico says:

    Hi, question lang po, i’m a 5th year comp eng’g undergrad po from another university, i’m already working na po and decided na i want to study again pero fine arts naman (viscomm specifically).. Ngayon po, i computed very roughly my gwa and it’s around 2.2-2.3 so definitely i’m not qualified na po.. Pero yung computation po, it’s like 60-70% nung mga subjects is higher math and sciences tsaka computer majors, which has nothing to do with fine arts.. Is there even a slight chance na makapasok po ako sa UPD kung i-raise ko yung argument ko na to (and provided na lower than 2.0 nga yung magiging new result) specially na certificate in fine arts lang po yung kukuhain ko? or does it even have any bearing kung certificate o bachelor’s kukuhain ko?

    • prx777 says:

      That is for UP CFA to decide.Saka kung certificate course, hindi naman sila ganun kahigpit sa pagkakaalam ko.

  184. Updupdupd says:

    Hi! I wanna try VAAS. Kelan po magstart yung training?

  185. owen says:

    I’m from OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY..ang course qh po ay accountancy at ayon sa mga nabasa qhng comment ay mahina ang chansa na makapasok ng UP CBA . balak qh po sanang magtransfer sa UP at ang kukunin qh po ay Bs econ.. ano po ba required na GWA SA BS econ.. ang GWA ko po pala ay higher 2.00 .

  186. lily says:

    Pwede po bang magtransfer sa UP Diliman as a senior? Business Administration po ang course. Salamat!

  187. lily says:

    Mahirap po bang makapasok kapag Business Administration? Tska tumatanggap po ba sila ng incoming senior?

    • prx777 says:

      Too late. Unless gusto mong ulitin ang maraming subjects mo sa UP Diliman. Sa Business Ad, two and a half years of credit lang roughly, ang magagamit mo for credit. Kasi kailangan half or over half ng units taken in UP. Check mo din sa registrar.

  188. Jessa says:

    Hi mr admin!:)

    Hindi po ko nandito upang magtanong tungkol sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas. Gusto ko lang magpasalamat sayo. Dalawang taon na ang nakakaraan noong napunta ako sa blog na ito sa sobrang gulo ng utak ko, nag aasam na makahanap ng tulong at kasagutan para maabot ang pangarap kong makapasok sa prestihiyosong unibersidad na ito. Ang dami kong tanong noon, pero matyaga mo pa ding sinagot at ibinahagi ang kaalaman mo. Nakapasok ako sa UP sa tulong na recon. Masasabi kong ang prosesong pinagdaanan ko ay tulad ng paghahanap ng karayom sa buhangin. Ilang byahe at araw ang inilaan ko sa pagpila at pagpapakapal ng mukha na makiusap sa iba. Ang iba naman ay may mga koneksyon sa loob ng opisina, na nakapagbigay ng garantiya ng kanilang posisyon sa UP. Pero lahat ng pasakit na iyon ay nabura ng malaman kong nakapasa ako. Nakaisang taon lang ako sa UP dahil kinailangan kong lumisan ng bansa upang mabuo na ang pamilya ko. Pero ganunpaman, malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa UP dahil nagamit ko yung mga karanasan ko na talagang nagpatibay sa akin, sa intelektwal at emosyonal na aspeto.

    In short po, salamat sa tyaga nyo na tulungan ang mga katulad kong Pinoy na minsang nangarap at sumubok na makapasok sa UP. Hindi ko man kayo kilala, hindi ko man alam ang pangalan nyo, nais ko lamang iparating na naging parte ang blog na ito sa tagumpay ko.

    Wag po sana kayong magsawa.


  189. ayn says:

    Hi. I took up the UPCAT year 2012 but sadly I didn’t qualify to enter a campus, my UPG was 2.571😦 I’m an incoming 2nd year college student as of now taking up BS Accountancy. Do UP Baguio accept transferees on Bachelor of Science in Management Economics? Kasi on UPLB close po ang BS Economics nila for transferees and very low nmn ang chance ko to get on diliman. Ongoing pa po ba till’ now? Yun lang po kasi ang sa tingin ko malapit sa course na tinatake-up ko, so I think I’ll shift from accountancy to mgt eco if there’s a chance na makapasok ako ng UP. Ano po ba ang basis nila? Matataas nmn po ang grades ko during my first year I think the lowest was 2.0. will they consider the school kung san ako galing. May chance po ba? Thanks.

    • ayn says:

      Follow up :DD Meron na po akong nakuhang 49 units during my first sem minus the religion i think 6 units ( 3 units per sem nasa catholic school po kasi ako ) Paano po ba kunin ang GWA? minus the PE (2units) and NSTP(3units) each sem, TY

    • prx777 says:

      I have no idea sa UP Baguio. UP Diliman grad ako but that was a long time ago, and I’m no expert. Dumami lang ng dumami nag comment sa blog ko.

  190. Dee says:

    Pwede pa po ba akong magtransfer from UST to UPLB if 2.1 yung GWA ko?? kasi po iba yung grading system ng UP sa amin. if ever na grading system nila, pasok po ako sa sinasabi nilang 2.0 kasi higher than 85% naman po samin ang 2.0 Thank u po

  191. Hello . um i want to know po if meron pa akong chance na makapasok sa UP . BS Nursing po ako from other university na gustong magtransfer sa dream school ko, UP Diliman or UP Manila.. . magsesecond year na po ako next school year and if ever na may chance kailangan pa po bang magtake ng UPCAT at pwede pa po bang humabol even if this coming May na po aku sana magpapa-enroll

  192. pol says:

    Hi po, architecture student po ako dati sa SLU for only one sem with 23 units ok naman po yung mga grade ko may isang mababang major pero ang GWA ko ay nasa 88 naman or 1.7 yata yan, mataas din naman ung mga grades ko sa math sa algebra at trigonometry naka 94 ako, tapos sa desccriptive geometry ay 89..(ganyan kasi ung grading system sa slu) then suddenly, I was forced to transfer due to some circumstances, pinag aral nila ako dito lang sa school sa zambales,at nag take ako ng BS Computer Science,ok din naman yung mga grades ko, noong 1st sem ang GWA ko po ay 1.43 then 2nd sem ay 1.72 , so ipagpapatuloy ko pa tong 2nd year ko dito sa amin para makakuha ng certificate tapos gusto ko sanang magtransfer ng UPD at magtake ng architecture, dahil ito talaga yung pangarap ko, . kaya mas pagpupursigihan ko pa para makakuha ng mataas na marka.

    so posible po kaya akong makatransfer next year??base sa aking sitwasyon?

  193. cappuccinorush says:

    Hello, I know this is very late, but, UP Baguio TDT is tomorrow, and I wanted to know if we’re only allowed to bring any ONE coloring medium of choice, or can we bring MORE THAN ONE coloring medium of choice? They didnt specify if we’re only allowed to bring ONE coloring medium (eg. watercolor, charcoal, coloring pencils, etc.), because there are alot, and students can use all at the same time. So, I just wanted to inquire about that since it says in the slip: “Note: For the test, you will be provided with oslo paper. You are required to bring any coloring medium of your choice.” It didn’t say: “…..bring any coloring MEDIUMS of your choice.” So, I’m kind of confused. Kindly reply ASAP. Thank you.:)

    • prx777 says:

      Sorry but bihira akong mag open at mag-reply sa blog na ito. Some people may get answers 2 weeks or 2 months after.

  194. Hi Good Day po . I’m a BSN student po from other university in dagupan . i really wanted to study in UP Diliman though its my dream school . 2nd year na po ako this coming year . Ask ko lng po if do i have a chance to transfer to UP DILIMAN or UP Manila . Do i need to take UPCAT even magtratransfer lng ako? and if ever i have the chance , um which is better po nursing or architecture .. i hope matulungan nyo po aku kasi diko rin po alam if makakahabol pa aku since may na .. thank you po ,, please Help Me ….

  195. Hi Good Day po . I’m a BSN student po from other university in dagupan . i really wanted to study in UP Diliman though its my dream school . 2nd year na po ako this coming year . Ask ko lng po if do i have a chance to transfer to UP DILIMAN or UP Manila . Do i need to take UPCAT even magtratransfer lng ako? and if ever i have the chance , um which is better po nursing or architecture .. i hope matulungan nyo po aku kasi diko rin po alam if makakahabol pa aku since may na .. thank you po ,, please Help Me ….

  196. Hello ! I’m an incoming 2nd year BSN student from other university and I’m thinking to transfer sa dream school ko which is UP Diliman . Possible po ba un but I want my course to be change to architecture .. And if ever po , do I need to take UPCAT even transferee LNG ako .. I hope matulungan nyo po ako sa problem ko . It would be a greeaatt help :)) thank you

  197. sleepyhead_04 says:

    Good eve. Tatanong ko lang po kung nag aaccept ng transfer students sa BS Geology?

  198. sleepyhead_04 says:

    Hello po. Tanong ko lang po kung nag aaccept ng transfer students sa BS Geology? Thanks a lot. =)

  199. Simon Khryss Cicero Salibo says:

    Hi! I’m 14 years old and a 4th year high school student this school year. I am currently enrolled in one of the parochial schools here in Pasig. Hopefully I will be in college next year and I want to enter UP college if I can met their standard. I am an illegitimate child and I want to know if that would affect my application if ever. I want to enter UP for a very personal and also financial reasons. Please give me some guides on what to do, or what should I do first (first step) so that I can take that UPCAT test if that’s one of their requirements. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

    • prx777 says:

      Walang effect kung illegitimate ka man. Just fill up the UPCAT application form and submit before the deadline. If you read your textbooks in Science and Math from 1st to 3rd year, you should do fine.

      • Simon Khryss Cicero Salibo says:

        Thank you! ask ko lang din po kung meron bang mga mabibili na UP reviewers at kung meron man, saan yun mabibili? at usually po ba mga anong buwan pwedeng mag take ng UPCAT? Paano makakuha ng form?

  200. Adolf Gonzales says:

    sorry po kung spam ^.^ mali po kase yung email na natype ko tanong ko lang kung malakas po ang tyansa na makapasok sa UP Manila through recon pag 2.253 ang UPG?? salamat po ^.^ nakapagpasa na den po ako ng forms😀

  201. Arjun Kanuri says:

    fantastic put up, very informative. I ponder why the opposite specialists of this sector do not understand this.
    You should continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a great readers’ base

    • prx777 says:

      Yes, thousands view the blog monthly, even though I haven’t really been writing anything for a long time now.

  202. Jul jainnah Adil says:

    Hello po? Pwede po ba akong makapagtransfer sa UP Diliman sa second semester kung galing ako sa Mindanao? Sabi po kasi ng iba hindi daw po pwede within Metro Manila lang daw po, gusto ko lang po masigurado.

    • prx777 says:

      No problem and pag transfer sa UP Diliman kung galing ka man sa Mindanao, especially kung galing ka sa mga mas kilalang universities like MSU. Same rules apply.

      • juljainnah adil says:

        Magfifirst sem po ako sa Ateneo De Davao University, hindi po kasi ako nakapag take ng UPCAT di ko po
        kasi nalaman kung kailan. Sige po thank you:)

    • prx777 says:

      Same rules apply kahit galing kang Mindanao. Mas mabuti kung galing ka sa kilalang university diyan like MSU.

  203. paul says:

    hello po, Binabalak ko po sanang magtransfer sa UPD next year — arki/civil eng or other programs,
    naging arki student po ako sa baguio(slu) for a sem, tapos pinagtransfer po ako dito sa amin, (hindi kilalang college dito sa zambales) Computer science ang course…naka isang taon na po ako dito,medyo matataas naman po yung nakuha kong grado, 23 units ako sa SLU- ang GWA ko po ay 1.78, tapos po sa current school ko po 1st sem GWA- 1.43 tapos 2nd sem GWA- 1.72…..

    May chance po kaya akong makatransfer kahit na hindi kilala ang school na pinanggalingan ko.

    • prx777 says:

      Nasa discretion yan nag kolehiyo ng UP na aaplayan mo. Pero kung sa requirements lang, lusot ang grades mo.

  204. kriixhaXD says:

    Tatanung ko lang po sana kung pwede ako magtransfer sa UPD ng October, incoming 3rd year BSIT student po ako. And mag aapply po sana ko sa VAAS. Pwede po kaya yun? Sorry kung may reply na po sa ganitong case. Andami na po kasing replies. Thank you po.

  205. kriixhaXD says:

    Tatanung ko lang po sana kung pwede ako magtransfer sa UPD. Incoming 3rd year bsit student po ako. At mag aapply din po sna ko sa vaas. Pwede po kaya yun?

  206. Juljainnah Adil says:

    May mga scholarships pa po ba na inooffer? kung meron po san po pwedeng malaman? thank you. Nkakatulong po kayo ng sobra sakin, Akala ko po kasi di pwede magtransfer kung galing sa Mindanao, so pumunta po ako dito sa Manila para Mag 1st sem, so kung ganun po ang situation na pwede din po yung mga galing sa Mindanao, uuwi nalang po ako.:) Salamat po talaga, may scholarship po kasi ako sa Ateneo De Davao na idedecline ko na po sana, kaya thank you po ng marami.:)

  207. Isko says:

    Hi there! Isa ako sa mga accepted transferee from other university (2013-2014). This site helped me a lot talaga kasi dito ako nakakuha ng tips and ideas (mula kay prx777). Kaya sa mga aspiring Isko/Iska jan, dare to dream lang:) Comment/Makikisagot ako dito if you have questions and I will relate it based from my transferring experience :))

  208. Jayton Acob says:

    Hello, Kailangan po ba na university ang pinanggalingan mo kung magtatransfer ka sa UP?

  209. mmMickey says:

    I have one more question po, My GWA is 2.27 and I am planning po to transfer in any UP campus’ this 2nd semester. Am I qualified po ba?
    Thank you & God Speed!

  210. xyza says:

    good afternoon nagtake po ako ng UPCAT but unfortunately hindi po ako pumasa pero yung upg ko is 3.4 kung nagsend po ba ako ng reconsideration letter may chance po kayang makapagenroll ako? thanks

  211. Kurt molandres says:

    Hi, magtatake po ako ng UPCAT this coming aug. 3, pero graduate na po ako last march then they asked me kung gusto ko ba makapasok na this 2nd sem, akala ko kasi yearly lang sila tumatanggap, so yun, masaya ako ng nalaman ko yun, kaso po ang problema ko po eh, my high grades are okay naman po, ranging from 93-95, ang problema ko po is baka mahila po ako nung UPCAT, mahina po kasi ako sa Math and science, as in. Ano po sa tingin niyo? Parang napang hihinaan po kasi ako ng loob. Gusto ko po makapasok ng UP.

  212. Kurt molandres says:

    Hi, magtatake po ako ng UPCAT this coming aug. 3, pero graduate na po ako last march then they asked me kung gusto ko ba makapasok na this 2nd sem, akala ko kasi yearly lang sila tumatanggap, so yun, masaya ako ng nalaman ko yun, kaso po ang problema ko po eh, my high school grades are okay naman po, ranging from 93-95, ang problema ko po is baka mahila po ako nung UPCAT, mahina po kasi ako sa Math and science, as in. Ano po sa tingin niyo? Parang napang hihinaan po kasi ako ng loob. Gusto ko po makapasok ng UP.

    • prx777 says:

      Score sa UPCAT highly dependent sa preparation. Basahin mo mga libro mo sa high school math and science. Basahin mo na lang lahat ng questions with answers and explanations. Sa Science, siguraduhin mo na kabisado mo glossary sa likod ng libro.

  213. Kurt molandres says:

    what i meant was high school grades…

  214. Daniel Boone says:

    ano po ang cut off ng gwa ng updepp (up pampanga)??

    • prx777 says:

      Nasa article na sinulat ko dating cut-off, pero kung sa ngayon, pero sa darating na aug 3, set nila on based on the scores ng kukuha at kung anong campus sila mag-aapply. The higher the ratio of applicants to slots available, the higher the cut-off. Kokonti lang kasi applicant diyan, at kokonti applicante, kaya puwedeng bumaba ng malaki or tumaas ng malaki cut-off every year.

  215. marvin espino says:

    Hello. I’m marvin espino
    I’m currently enrolled in PUP and definitely I want to Transfer in UP..
    My question is ..If i passed, do i needed to repeat my first year again and take all the units needed.?
    tnx for whoever will reply.:)

    • prx777 says:

      It depends on the college and the subject you took in PUP. Even if they are the same subject, it is possible that the UP college you will transfer to will ask you to take a validation exam, just to make sure you actually understood the course, before crediting it. It would be better to ask someone within the college admin.

    • prx777 says:

      Depende kung ma ke credit. Kung credited lahat, siyempre di mo na kukunin. Discretion iyan ng college na lilipatan mo.

  216. Jon says:

    Hello po prx777

    I really appreciate the fact that you are trying to answer all the questions in this blog. Malaking tulong ito sa iba.

    Anyway, May tanong po ako at sana matulungan nyo po itong magulong utak ko na ito.

    I passed the UPCAT 10 years ago and I was supposed to take up BS Management pero kaya lang at that time, na uso po ung nursing so I ended up going to a different college na malapit lang sa amin. So ngayon, I’m already working but I still do want to pursue my management course sa UP. Back to zero at fresh start lahat sa akin pero it doesn’t really matter because I really want to change careers. So, pwede pa rin po ba ako mag aral dun? Nasa akin pa ata ung letter na nagsabi na natanggap ako dun. Thanks po in advance.

    • prx777 says:

      Hindi mo na magagamit ang acceptance letter na nakuha mo sa UP 10 years ago. Kumbaga sa gamot, expired.Better check out their MBA program. Sa pagkakaalam ko kukuha ka pa din ng undergrad courses, pero diretso na ng masters. So in the equivalent time na BS degree ang makukuha ng galing high school, mas mataas na credentials mo.

  217. bakeonstrips says:

    Hello! I’m a 4th year high school student and I took the UPCAT last Aug. 3. Kapag hindi po ako pumasa ng UPCAT(sana wag naman), I’ll resort to the Varsity Application Program. Kahit po ba zero knowledge mo doon sa sport na yun (for example, Judo) are they still going to accept you? And do I still need to finish a degree on Sports Science or P.E, or I can finish a degree of my choice in UPD? Thanks!

    • prx777 says:

      Para makapasok ka sa varsity program kailangang dati ka nang magaling– nag re represent ka ng school mo sa kumpetisyon at nananalo ka. Hindi pwedeng marunong lang. Syempre may try-outs pa para masigurong magaling. Halimbawa, yung anak ni Benjie Paras na si Andre, nasa UP ngayon nagtake ng course sa Film.

  218. Imee Diane Gatpandan says:

    WEW. Sana kasi nauso saken dati ang magtanong. Gumuho pa naman ang pangarap ko 4 years ago.I got an ave of 2.4..HUHU.At syempre, UP-D ang nilagay ko kaya lumagapak.Pwede pala sa LB!!Dun pa naman ako malapit. Hayyyyyy.

  219. Shie says:

    Hello Sir,
    Pwedeng magbigay ka po ng mga course na maluwag? I mean, maraming slots, baka po kasi nandun yung gusto kong course tas go na ko dun. Salamat po!

    • prx777 says:

      That is for the registrar to answer. Kaso, ang mga maluluwag na kurso, usually kasi bihira may gusto. Yung mga popular courses sa business, engineering, computer science, etc. mas mahirap pasukin kasi maraming applicants na makakalaban ka kung gusto mong lumipat. Isipin mo na lang kung aling kurso ang ayaw ng mga estudyante — malamang maluwag iyon.

    • prx777 says:

      Wala akong internal knowledge kung anong course maluwang ngayon. Mas alam yan ng mga nag-aaral pa ngayon, kasi depende yan sa current policies. Dati, Community Development (Social Work), then 10 years ago yata, maraming nagsasabing Public Administration daw. Hindi ko na alam kung ano ang current na madaling pasukan na course.

  220. halcyon22 says:

    Hi, gusto ko po talagang lumipat sa UPD! I want to take BS Applied Physics/Physics.May pag-asa po ba ako na makalipat ng UPD if my grade is atleast 2.0 *I’m from UST*? Mahirap po bang ,makapasok sa College of Science ng UPD?

    • prx777 says:

      Kung nasa cut-off lang ng grade requirement and grado mo, slim ang chance mo. But there is no harm in trying.

      • Katerina says:

        Kung hindi kayo nakapasa, wag ninyo nang ipilit. You didn’t get in, don’t dupe yourself into thinking that you deserve to be in UP kung di ka naman nakapasa.

      • prx777 says:

        Hindi lang naman kasi UPCAT score lang ang basehan lamang ng admissions. Ang mismong high school na pinanggalingan, malaking factor sa admission sa UP dahil sa adjusted ang high school grades base sa calculation ng UP kung gaano ka competitive high school na pinanggalingan. So if you have two students with the same UPCAT score and high school grades, pwedeng pumasa ang taga Ateneo High pero bagsak ang galing sa Dampol 2nd National High School — kahit pa honor student ang taga public school.
        Is it fair if an Ateneo high school grad with an UPCAT score of 90 (in percentile rank) gets in, while a baranggay high school student with a score of 97 still gets rejected? Pwedeng matalino talaga siya. Kaso, hindi naman niya kayang i afford ang mag-aral sa iba. Meron ngang pumapasa sa entrance exam ng Philippine science, kaso di kayang mag-aral sa Maynila dahil sa gastos kaya sa probinsya na lang, kung saan lalakarin lang niya papuntang libreng baranggay high school. Dahil sa college na, pipilitin na ng kanyang magulang na tustusan pag-aaral niya sa Maynila. Pero paano kung adjusted ang 40% ng kanyang UPG dahil lang nag-aral siya sa di magaling na public school? Maari namang subukan niya ang reconsideration, o iba pang paraan para makapasok. Bentahe lang talaga sa UP ang papasukin ang mayayaman, kasi papatak sa maximum bracket, so mas mataas ang bayad nila. Ang mahirap, pwede kasing malaki discount sa matrikula dahil mahirap lang.

  221. Hi! Your post is really helpful po:) I just wanted to ask a question kasi po gustong-gusto ko talaga makalipat ng UP. I took the UPCAT but got 2.8 only. So I enrolled in another university but after one sem, I transferred to another university. Ngayon po ay second year student na ako taking up BSBA and I’m wondering po if makakatransfer pa ako ng UP. Kapag nagkataon po ay pangatlo ko ng school ang UP. Pwede pa po kaya yun?

    • prx777 says:

      Depende yan sa grades mo. Matataas ba grades mo? Kung consisten Dean’s Lister ka sa both schools, may chance ka pa ding lumipat.

  222. allymaela says:

    Goodday! Im currently a Computer Engineering student in a University in Manila. I failed upcat last year(puro Eng’g courses kasi ang nilagay ko at mababa talaga ang UPG ko). And gusto ko sana lumipat ng UP. Either Diliman, LB or Manila. Basta pwede yung is-shift ko na. AB in Film & Audiovisual Comm. Gusto ko lang i-ask kung may pagasa ba ako? Kasi bagsak ako ngayon sa Algebra, pero matataas naman yung iba kong subjects ang pinakamababa ko lang ay 2.25. (mababa parin ata to?) Kailangan padin ba na mataas yung grade ko in my ALL subject kahit hindi related sa is-shift kong course? Panigurado naman kasi back to zero ako if ever na matanggap ako diba? Hope you’ll reply ASAP. Thanks!:)

    • prx777 says:

      Medyo malabo, kasi may bagsak ka. Saka 2.0 ang minimum grade point average sa pag transfer. Kung saktuhan ka lang nga, malabo ka pa ding makapasok.

  223. Erick Pascual says:

    Hi,I got 2.2 in the UPCAT it wasnt enough .Now I plan to transfer from UST to UPD next year. My GWA is 1.64. Are my chances high? What are the written and oral tests about? Since I plan to transfer to an Engineering course, do my Math and Chem grades matter even more?

    • prx777 says:

      I think you have a good chance, but that always depends on who will be applying at the same time as you. (If you have friends from UST with higher grades than you applying for the same opening, then your chances would become slimmer.) Math grades are especially important if you want to transfer to Engineering. Chemistry would be important if you want to apply fo a slot in Chemical Engineering.

  224. Hello po:) Malapit ko ng matapos ang First year sa PUP at balak ko po sanang lumipat ng UP Diliman at 2.09 po ang nakuha kong grade sa UPCAT, May exam po ba ulit pag magtatransfer?

  225. Bernadette dela Rosa says:

    hello po:) I’m from De La Salle University-Dasmariñas and office administration po ang kinukuha ko . Gusto ko po sanang mag-transfer sa UP Diliman sa course na BS Music . possible po ba ito? kailangan ko pa po bang mag take ng upcat? ty po . palagay ko po 80-85% above yung magiging average ko ngayong 2nd semester .

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